Black Lightning - The TV series


If you really want to know…


Gambi is a former hitman that worked for the 100 and is the one that killed Jefferson’s father. He helps Jefferson as a personal form of atonement for what he’s done.


That’s the story of comic Gambi. This show’s version might not be that way. Tobias is the one who killed Jefferson’s father for one thing and Gambi is working for the ASA. Quite of few things already changed.


I like how Black Lightning felt compelled to jump off the roof to test his lightning flight mode instead of just hovering right there.

Lynn was annoying once again because it’s clear the daughter didn’t know the level of damage she caused. It’s also funny that her daughter’s pug fugly sprinting rival had the nerve to call her ugly, oh the irony…

If there’s any professional investigation done to figure out Jennifer’s identity, the evidence trail she’s made with all the camera footage) eyewitnesses and receipts would get her caught in a few days. lol

And the sprinter cripple kid, what happened to his development? Are they attaching new cybernetic legs on him or something?


When Anissa said “All this ass!” I was like you damn right! :lol: I loved what Jen did to those girls but at the same time, I sort of feel for the girl wrist she broke…now she won’t be able to lotion those crusty ass feet. LOL!!!


Kyle Barker/Kratos being Tobias’ father was … godlike


I forgot he did the voice to Kratos. And Living Single is one of the GOATs of television.



this secret thats being hidden screams bang babies. like i know its not but i just want it to be badly.


You sure about that? Didn’t look like him to me.


Yeah that was him. I think they put make-up on him. He’s 59 IRL.


It wasn’t that. His eyes looked weird to me. Maybe it was the make up.


So let’s recap, Anissa saves her mom from some thugs and encounters her father who then go all black parent on her and whoops that ass. BL is getting set up and framed and Jill Scott is dead (for now) but Lala is back.


Yeah that’s a pretty good summary


Well here’s another recap…Jennifer discovers her powers, finds out Anissa has powers and their dad is Black Lightning. Saw Thunder in actiin in her suit and I had absolutely no issues with it. The reveal was a fucking sight though. Nafessa worked the hell out of it.


Also…Vixen was namedropped.


Not a fan of the suit to be honest. Am a fan of Nafessa’s walk though :wink:

Side note: They name dropped Supergirl too.


This show started off great and now its CW style garbage for me. Resurrection Crip and Tobias are keeping me in it atm, Thunder and Lightning can both (obviously quite literally) suck a dick. As for ole BL, dude is far too old to be acting out this bitch made, and ole warrior Gambi with this ASA bullshit, like done to death, please just common guys lets get back to being real for a second.

Show started out hard hitting and a bit different, then 4 eps in swept right down the toilet with the drama and the bullshit, please rebound, i was genuinely enjoying this show sans political crap.


I’m glad the Black Lightning crew got RockB to make a cameo in the most recent episode.

DAT ASS DOE! (rofl)

I still cant believe they had Anissa revealed the secret to Jennifer in only the 8th episode of a first season. If it was another Dc Cw shows, they would have waited 4 seasons lol.

I like this faster paced storytelling.
Maybe bc its only 13 episodes or maybe the showrunners being different than the other DC CW is the cause.

I like Anissa’s costume better than BL. The gold color is nice.

This is the first episode where the mom had a good role in consoling Jennifer instead of “wet blanket”


Show descended to CW levels of nuthuggery, tis a shame.


Recap this week…

Anissa hit hard with her talk to Jennifer. I was like damn, you didn’t have to go there. lol!!

Gambi gets kidnapped by the ASA and they put the beatdown on him. He do stay strapped though.

Jefferson and Lynn flirting was pretty good to watch (Black Love!)

Two Bits returns and the scene with him and BL was funny as shit.

Jefferson is a battery, Jennifer is a generator.

Jefferson [sorta] saves Gambi and realizes Gambi didn’t snitch him out.

The fine ass vice principal makes a return.


That VP though…mmm


I was shooketh! :rofl: