Black Lightning - The TV series


The VP was a mole this whole time. I guess that explains why she didn’t give a fuck about that one kid the last episode she appeared in.


And it really does make sense too. Seems like she spotted more kids than Gambi. And Greenlight also seems to be an “activation” towards metahuman powers.


Bell Biv DeVoe tried to warn us. Never trust a big butt and smile…


Why do I get the feeling she is probably more deadly than Gambi. After that “reveal”, I feel her skills might be more deadlier than Gambi’s. I also could be wrong and she’s just a basic broad and a human nutrag for the ASA. LOL!!


Miss New Booty in the last scene was clearly conflicted though, I don’t think she has the heart, however small, to go through with it.

It’s a shame because that conflict will likely means she won’t be making it to season 2.


She’s likely conflicted because she still wants the D.


Praise be…


Black Lightning renewed!?


Black Lightning getting renewed and another season of the goddess Nafessa has me like…



closer and closer to having static.


Black Lightning recap…

ASA had the pigs plant Greenlight in BL’s so he would go to jail under the suspicion that he’s BL.

Jen and Anissa was about to fry up some bacon when their father was being hauled away.

Jefferson’s influence showed in the students who stood in the way of him being taken away.

Fine ass VP started to getting a little nervous when they wanted to take him to a black site.

Gambi and Anissa come up with a plan to get Jefferson out of jail using a hologram and a bunch of people.

Fine ass VP also got a wake up call when the ASA told her where her black ass needed to stay at.

Inspector Henderson had info on the pigs who jailed BL and made them crackas pay. and in the process got a promotion. lol!

The Pierce family and Gambi share a wonderful moment at the Jeff’s old house.

I’m probably missing some other key moments but I’m sort of out of it this morning.


Outside of one of the pod children dying I think you got everything.


Am I the only one worried about Henderson’s life? I like his character but man he’s in the wrong people’s crosshairs right now.


It’s a good thing Henderson was the one who got Jeff exonerated. I bet Thunder’s hologram didn’t fool the ASA head honcho. They can’t use the cops to get to him anymore with his frame job being publicized.


Shit, that’s right. With two eps left, next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be a killer.


That hologram tech better no be a one off thing, it’s an invaluable piece of tech that could save their asses in the future; and considering that it’s a prototype means some more enhancements can be done.

The pure relief on Miss VP’s face when Pierce was exonerated was interesting. She might some moves towards Jefferson now, which will only make the discovery of her treachery that much sweeter.

As much as I’m fond of her chocolate Bootiliciousness, any chick who puts me a position where I had to squat and cough in the buff in front of armed guards can never be forgiven…


VP was only doing what massa told her to. LOL!!!


Black Lighting renewed!!

Black Lighting and Legends of Tomorrow have been top tier!


So Khail’s back and is half bionic!!

Odds on him getting his new spine fried by Jennifer!!


Black Lightning just doesn’t disappoint. Another great episode.