Black Lightning - The TV series


Due to some technical difficulties last night, here is a recap which I hope is correct…

BL discovers Khalil walking and looking like a young Lenny Kravitz.

Lynn trying to “fix” Jennifer. Trick please!

BL, Thunder, and Gambi trying to find the missing kids.

Khalil texts and then visits Jen and then the nigga jumps off the roof.

Whale tells Khalil to attack the school knowing BL will show up.

If I’m not mistaken, Khalil took out a bus first before causing havoc in the school.

He’s in the school wrecking shit and throwing darts at people and threw one teen into the trophy cabinet.

Fine ass VP shows up in the ep and is trying to get the kids to safety. BL and Thnder show up.

BL tells Jen to leave with the rest of the kids but of course she stays.

Thunder comes across a class full of kids being held hostage by Whale’s henchwoman, Syonide. Fight ensues and homegirl is shooketh by Thunder.

BL encounters Whale and tries to shock him. Gambi, who is seeing what BL sees tells him Whale is wearing some type of armor.

BL and Whale fight with Whale somewhat getting the best of him.

Jen comes across the Thunder - Syonide fight and tries to use her powers but she keeps fizzing out.

During the BL - Whale fight, Khalil steps inand shoots one of his darts at BL. BL powers are nullified and Whale hits him with a death blow. they check him and finds out he’s dead.

Whale gets upset but then wants to see who he really is. Thunder shows up before the mask gets taken off of BL and gives them a Thunder clap.

Syonide shows up and starts shooting at Thunder while she’s protecting BL. They leave and Thunder sits there with BL. Jen shows up and both are crying then Jen shocks BL.

Gambi tells her to do it again because it sparked his vitals. So whe shocks him again and he’s back to breathing. They get away and return home where Gambi tells then to get rid of their phones and he’ll put a cloak on the house.


This show is too good to be on the CW.

Khalil don’t look right to me with the dreads. I didn’t think he would be dumb enough to attack the school without concealing his identity. He locked himself into the criminal life now.


Please CW keep this show being awesome and kicking ass.


I was busy last night so I didn’t get a chance to see all of Black Lightning so no recap from me. :tired_face:


Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a bitch!?


At least one thing I can recap is…Lala is dead officially!!! :laughing:


I need to find a way to watch episodes. I hate missing an episode with no way to watch it.


Do you believe in the resurrection Latavius?


You can watch them on the CW website or CW App. The Xbox One has a version of the CW App as well.


Well that might be a problem for Latavius now. LMAO!! I hope they resurrect Jill Scott next season.


Fine ass VP got to survive the season. BL didn’t even learn that she was a Judas. Keep it that way VP.


It’s going to come out eventually


Finale topped off a great season of TV. I can honestly say keep this up CW!


What I was wondering during the season finale is what are they going to do with the scientist who saw BL’s family and witnessed the murder of his boss by Gambi? Did they make him pinky promise to not say anything?


New season starts tonight…!


Black Lightning S2 premiere recap…

A green light baby is killed by the Freeland Police

Cyanide and VP Booty fight it out and she kills Cyanide.

Jefferson is having a meeting with the board because they want to shut the school down

Lynn is being grilled by an ASA agent who’s none other than Bill Duke. Apparently they have the pods.

Jennifer powers are starting to manifest in the form of her glowing and floating in her sleep.

The church is trying to help the family sue the government for their love ones in the pods. It’s going to cost them 500K.

Anissa and Jefferson attended the meeting but have different views on helping the families out.

Jennifer burns her mother after a disagreement about how she should handle the situation.

Anissa channels her in Omar and robs some dealers.

Jeff admits to his detective friend who he is.

VP visits Gambi to ask him for help and to let him know about the briefcase.

Lynn gets Gambi to pull strings so she can continue to work with the pods.

Jennifer gets a call from Khalil talking like Keith Sweat. LOL!

While at the church, Anissa is met with fear in the for of armed citizens and the pastor but drops the money off for them.

A mother and her daughter are seen with law enforcement dragging a black body bag out a morgue until the bag starts moving. You discover it’s the young man killed by cops in the beginning of the episode.

Jefferson comes home to a worried Lynn and Anissa about Jennifer, who’s locked herself in the bathroom. He enters to see her in the tub wrapped in a field of her energy and is able to subdue it because of his powers.

VP breaks into Tobias’s crib more than likely to kill him. He’s prepared and tells her Cyanide was the only thing he had in this world. He then shoots her with a harpoon gun in the abdomen. She starts screaming in pain the Tobias is about to wreck her but she still defends herself. She is able to get away by jumping out of his window.

Jefferson learns they are closing the school down.


I just hope Miss New Booty aka Vice Principal survives the speargun to the gut.


The mother seeing her son get resurrected is a colossal bitch. How the fuck you tell him you were glad he was dead after rising from his grave?


I think it’s implied that his powers caused her to “tell the truth”. She said what was on her mind. She still was wrong for thinking it though.


Does anyone know how many episodes this season will be?