Black men and rape

this seems pretty discusting. I know that black men are horrible and just want to fuck white guys, but reading about it makes me itch. When I was younger we used to demonize gay people, (I still kinda do) and when I went to high school there was this tall black guy pretty big muscular who was in jeuvy his whole life. One day I said something about gay guys and I could see the look of anger in his face. I left the room later on and he walked down the hall, he ran up to me basically quietly and threw me in the hall. He told me theres nothing wrong with gay people, I like women and little men like you. He took some fabric, like a bandana and tied my mouth up tight and pounded my behind and would stop every 50 seconds to stop himself from cumming leaving his huge cock all the way up my ass. This went on with continuing threatening to not tell anyone about what is happening or I would get it twice as bad. I was furious until about 15 minutes into it, and he was getting agressive and angry and It felt like hit cock was getting bigger and more unbarable. I started basically begging and then he grabbed my penis and started to jack me off, and then he pegged me up in a corner and started using his butt basically using me for his anal sex. I was getting thrusted smashed against the concrete wall as he did it, after about 15 minutes more I started coming and when I did he turned me around and started doing my behind again… Now whenever I see him he gives me a blank stare. He threatened me before I left that I would be giving him blowjobs for a long time coming. Till this day I suck him off and let him have what he wants. Black people arent worth it. One day when I went down on him he brought in all of his best buddys on the football team, and they didnt let me go for hours. He never told me.

That sounds great dude


Trolling at 6am when the only people who’ll give a damn are at work killing time anyhow.

Thank you? I guess.

Yo, don’t hate gay dudes. Cause that’s one less penis who can steal your girl.

im a white guy who did a year in prison…black men in prison are ALWAYS planning, plotting, etc a way to get their dick in a younger white guys ass…they think and talk about it DAILY…white guys in prison DONT!! the “myth” that black men are oversexed perverts IS NOT a myth…it is TRUE!!!

What in the blue hell did I just read?

Haha your girl, good one
wipes tear

you must think a lot about other mens dicks to ponder this at 7 am huh?

really starting the new year with a bang


You’re doing it wroooong. Magnetix always has women in his gay dick stories. And please. This is lame. Prove that you aren’t a bot because if it’s a bot then it’s a fail bot. HARD.

i may or not have an erection after reading that.

WTF is up with this bullshit? Ugh. I only rape fat white guys.



In the dark, titties is titties!