Black Men: Don't fall for the Asian Man Lies!

Sup my viewers, I’m back for another thread to drop the knowledge on you cats here. This edition? Imma expose the bullshit of the Yellow Race aka Asians, and help my fellow Black Warriors rise above their shit.

Number 1 thing Imma expose right now: Asian Women. Stop falling for this shit Black Men! I’m seeing niggas pushing up on Asian women now, wtf is this shit? Fo serious? Back in the day, a nigga was happy to get a Black woman, a fine Nubian sista wit a big ol booty. Now we get sellout niggas trying to get Asian bitches. Bad enough we got the house niggas all on White bitches, now we got this shit? First off Imma expose some shit here,

  1. Asian women aint got no ass or tits, no curves at all, they don’t even look like fucking women, but LITTLE GIRLS. You niggas salivating over asian bitches are fallin for the asian man plan to turn yall on some child molestin shit, for real for real. MEN want CURVES, not some tiny ass bitch with no titties and no ass, fuck that shit. You gonna start off fucking asian women and end up wit little boys, don’t end up like these white boys who start out liking asian bitches and end up fucking kids in Thailand and shit.

  2. Their pussies ain’t tight. Tired of this shit, that shit is a MYTH, asian women aint no tighter than anybody else, and aint no woman tighter than the Black woman. The Yellow man got you all fascinated y some fake as bullshit. If Asian women so tight, why korean men trying to push up on my Ebony sistas? Think on that one.

Imma post more soon, gotta take a shit.


“Back for another thread”, yet it’s your first post?

Yeah, you’re not trolling at all.

Welcome back Africanlion, hope this thread stays open longer then the last ones

this is SRK dude, kayo police territory. i’m not into thai lady boys but if dudes want to save a buck by banging cheap prostitutes then why not?

anyway hope u don’t get banned again. it’s total BS how they ban you but not that awful stuart hayden who keeps returning

Serious as a heart attack my brotha. Look at this man, look at this:

You got niggas that would seriously say that shit looks finer than this

Idk about anyone else, but this shit made me laugh!

Yo I saw that shit, straight up nasty man. Dudes on here wanting to fuck a damn tranny, shit is sickening.


See, the Japanese has been trying to find a way to get to the Black Man for YEARS. Fighting games was their strategy, they knew that us being strong Black Men who yearn for combat, we’d fall for that shit easy. They start us off with manly shit like SF, but then notice now they giving us loli shit? See what I mean man? Fighting games went from manly, to sissy shit, in the Yellow man’s plan to acclimate the Black Man to feminine behavior and shit. They got niggas here slobbering on some kayopolice and wanting Poison in SF, dat’s fucked up for real for real. Niggas here would pass up some fine black ass for a fucking scrawny ass girlboy just cuz she asian, da fuck is that shit. Yall need to stop playing these faggot ass fighters and get back to REAL SF, the real shit, not the pussy shit.

Looolz this thread is hilarious, and though this is obviously a troll thread, I could never understand why black dudes would take prepubescent looking asians over big booty, big titty chocolate women lolz

Laugh, why cuz u the Yellow man laughin at the destruction of the Black Man? You think I’m stupid? I know what this is about, any real Black man knows. The Yellow Man want to destroy the Black man, in hopes that he can take the Black woman for himself, and then take out the White man and rule. I don’t like the White man at ALL, but man I can’t stand the fuckin yellow man sneaky ass, hiding his dirty ass plans in cartoons and games and shit.

LOL!! calm down calm down im a fellow black man, well is that bad if im half black and half asian hell i can appreciate me some big breasts and a nice sized ass on a chocolate skinned girl no doubt, but something about the way asian’s look just mmm…

Yo, asian bitches look like Yoshinori Ono with a cup titties and a flat ass, fuck that damn shit.

Damn, can’t breathe laughing too hard. Man come on! there’s plenty of busty asians around!

You better give a fuck if you care about the essence of the Black Man. That’s the thing. You think some ching chong bitch can fully appreciate the Black Man? Love the essence of the Black Man?

I <3 asian pussy, white pussssy, …

Man that’s only a handful of asian girls, what about all the busty ones! with the big titties, and asses those do exist as well!

Man, you raging over nothing, everyone knows a black man wouldn’t fit into an Asian woman anyhow, so there is no real concern

I don’t see what the big deal is, some dudes like chocolate and some guys like vanilla. Hell, you should be glad (not that I believe your made up “problem” for a second) that black guys stopped going for black girls. More for you, right?

LOOOOOOOOOL!!! DIS IS THAT REAL SHIT!!! OMFG… How dow do you feel about asian girls with big titties

So if a black man is chocolate, a white man is vanilla, as Latinas are quite obviously caramel, what does that make Asians? Tuna?