Black Parents Give Birth To White Baby


Black parents give birth to white baby | The Sun |News

Even if they both had white ancestry (which I doubt at this point) the chances of this happening is ridiculously small, because even mixed pairing don’t normally produce this kind of result.

I’ve always wondered what selective mutations might have occurred to produce fairer skin. The last major human mutation happened 10,000 years ago with the creation of blue eyes, supposedly it came from nowhere.

I think these sporadic occurrences- when they happen, become a magnet for sexual selection to the point where it a relatively short time such rarities become plentiful. It might explain why blonde hair/blue eyes are so prevalent in Nordic regions of Europe.


That’s some “Secret of the Ooze” shit.


I can only imagine this being more hilarious if this was the other way round.


It’d be interesting to see if she has black features or not and/or shares any features of her parents at all. shrug still, pretty amazing how stuff like this happens.


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That would probably be an even bigger mindfuck.

This shit is remarkable though…interested in seeing how she’ll grow up.


I was going to say that she’s an albino, but the article cleared that up quickly.


Black parents give birth to white baby | The Sun |News

just goes to show how little we (as in- people who are top scientists) actually know :rofl:

anything is possible


LOL see white people! you know where you come from now :rofl:


It happened again. There’s been two cases of it in the last couple of weeks here in the UK.

I’m no scientist but my hunch is that it’s a mutation caused by environmental conditions- white people aren’t black because the pigments in their skin aren’t of the quantities necessary to cope with strong sunlight, the reason being white people come from cooler climes. Maybe the fact that these black couples are living in a cool climate has contribued to the chance of this happening.


did they do a paternity test?


Mixed-race couple Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner celebrate after having a second set of black and white twins | The Sun |News

Wow, just wow…


Exactly what I was thinking. 20 dollars says he won’t come near it!!! :rofl:


Thomas Jefferson is smiling somewhere in white heaven


even though it’s taken quite a while, it’s possible that a few internal and external nodes (biological as well as psychological) have to be met in order to trigger a hemeostatic effect which triggers organisms to adapt physiologically.


Did you read the article? Even if the ‘Mum’ (silly brits) slept with the whitest guy on earth, the baby still wouldn’t come out like this.

EDIT: And from the looks of it the baby has a black nose. Why is this on The Sun and not BBC is beyond me though.


This is genetically possible. Dunno why people are so surprised


Are you guys serious? The Sun is a tabloid magazine. Most of their stories are about as true as Bat Boy.

EDIT: Wiki entry for The Sun


i wonder if the mother was let down


Clearly the work of uncle Ruckus.