Black people: why do you like fried chicken so much?

I don’t mean this in a racist way, so please don’t accuse.

I just don’t see the appeal. Yeah a piece of chicken is nice but some of these guys go crazy over it. Every-freaking-day it’s fried chicken and I’m like wtf man.

paging rockb

RockB doesn’t like fried chicken

RockB? The jail warden guy?

what is wrong with someone liking fried chicken? also, what does being black have to do with enjoying fried chicken? as if only black people ate it.

your username is cool.

I’m white and I love the hell out of fried chicken and watermelon. Perhaps god made a mistake and I was suppose to be black? But then again, what kinda rational person doesn’t love those things? If you don’t, I don’t want to be your friend.

I prefer grilled, steamed , or baked chicken
fried chicken be dat der hood food. Not “black food”

Obvious tr…are we really doing this shit?

I guess but I’m curious about the steorotype…if everyone can enjoy some juicy chicken, then why does it associate with black folks? It don’t make sense. And they reinforce it too.

arhh stay quiet.

I hardly post, dont give me this troll bullshit. Everything you think is outside your limited mindset, you say:“uhhh obvious troll…uuuhh”.

Fuck that

TC, I think you will find the answer to your question in this song ( 1:12)


who doesnt like fried chicken?? if I could Id eat it everyday but I am trying not to get fat.


Hav I respect you and I love CVS2 but fuck your youtube link. I come here to talk to a brother not to watch vids man.

Learn about the history of fried chicken in America. It originated here as slave food.

Nowadays everybody loves fried chicken, but it’s associated with black people because they invented it out of their lack of options.


get the FUCK out of here, fried chicken is gdlk, what’s wrong with you? its like, the best thing ever. HAVE YOU HEARD OF ROSCOE’S???

Well, I dont know about fried chicken so whatever. I love me some burritos though and im mexican. What the fuck is up with that?

racist, i’m going to report you to the authorities!


Black people like chicken? WTF! I’m black and I never heard about this.

Fried chicken is overrated.

Double-fried chicken is the shit.