Black Rose Gaming has a spot for you!


What’s up everyone, I am the creator of a online fighting community that is looking to recruit anyone that wants to join us,we have tournaments every month,team battles every week and casual endless lobbies every Tuesday to Friday at 9 pm EST, there are no real requirements,as long as your cool and mature around everyone,we encourage that you have a mic as well…we have all kinds of characters, including a high level Seth,yang,guy,t.hawk,zangief,blanka, and much more to learn from if your interested sign up at just register an account on the site and sign up for recruitment put referee by DHG GODZiLA x! Thank you


I’m pretty interested, looks like the site is down right now though. I’d love to learn more about about you guys and join in sometime next month (which is when my xbl account will FINALLY be renewed). I’d love to improve my gameplay and rep you guys if this is an actual team.