Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward out of reunion due to 'unsignable' contract

Apparently Bill won’t be doing the album or the tour unless he gets what he considers to be a reasonable contract. I’ve read about him getting screwed before and based on testimony about him he seems to be a man with integrity and so I’d side with him. There is a facebook page (a few actually) in support of him and it already has a ton of likes within a short period of time. I won’t consider buying the album or purchasing a ticket to a concert until he’s back.

One of the reasons I wanted to go to see the tour was to see Ward play but now this I’m all in favor for this he needs to get a proper contract it’s no reunion tour without him

With out all the original members, it’s never a legit reunion tour, Sleep was a good example when the drummer wasn’t on tour.

blame sharon?

Goody was goin on about this about a week or so ago. Blaming Sharon is probably the best course of action.