Black Spanish teacher claims she was fired for using the word ‘negro’ in class


Round up the PC police…


It naturally came up in the sentence “Next, I’ll teach you a word that the pinko commie liberals won’t let us use anymore.”


lmfao…i remember when i was in spanish class and my spanish teacher brought up the word for the first time…everryyyone looked a me. putos.


I’d sue SO HORDE…

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Wait until geography class studies countries in Africa


what a fucking failure.

Took offense??

NIgga needs to get slapped across the face with a 30 day old dead fish.


You guys say crap about white people whenever they do dumb stuff, so I expect to see some good jokes directed at black people in this thread.


situations like this are bred from ignorance.

parents taught their kids that negro only had one connotation, a teacher uses it in another way, kid freaks out.



Are you black?

Also, isn’t negro the Spanish word for black? I remember a color song we sang in high school Spanish class. It went like this:

Azul, blanco, rojo, violeta, armarillo, anaranjado, verde, y rosa!"

It means, blue, white, red, violet (purple), yellow, orange, green, and pink!


What’s the school’s excuse?


did you read the article? yes negro is the word for black.


Yeah, I know it is. What a stupid fucking ridiculous situation that is.


It’s not even pronounced the same, so I don’t see how the person could mistake it. Unless the teacher ‘Americanizes’ it, which if you do that, you prob shouldn’t be teaching.

It’s almost said like “nay-rrho” The G isnt clearly pronounced, or very lightly pronounced. Same with my name. Everyone says Diego “Dee aye Go” And the G is mostly silent, and there isnt even supposed to be an emphasis. Just a quick one syllable.




ehhh ive seen spanish speakers say the g.


Canadian grammar attack! isn’t very effective!


True, but it still doesn’t sound the same.

I chalk this up as another case of dumb-kids-doing-dumb-things. The fact is, all kids do stupid things, including us (when we were kids).

It’s up to the adults to straighten them out. And if this story is true, then it’s the school administration and involved parents that deserves 100% of the blame.


Wait. Was the kid offended that a black lady said black?


This can’t be a real story. Nobody is that thin-skinned and stupid.

Herpa Derpa. What did the little black kid get for Christmas? My bike.


Stay free, USA.