"Black Swan" new film by Darren Aronofsky

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in the same movie? KISSING?

The rest of the movie looks interesting too… I guess.

(Im a huge Aronofsky fan)

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DVD Screener has been leaked. Gotta have to check this one out, just to see what all the fuss is about with this film.

I saw that, and immediately took a bathroom break…sooo…good…

Looks like another fight club type.

gonna have to peep it(I’m a fan of his previous work). XD

seen it with the GF since she kept telling me really wanted to see it…couse all she mentioned to get me in was Natalie Portman, mila Kunis have a small lez scene. Naturally I agreed after that. After seeing it wow! shit was crazy, very well done movie.

Is it in theaters already?! I’m so behind with my movies!

saw it in an indie spot before it went everywhere. but yeah even now movie is out already.

movie was crazy fucking good.

This movie was honestly just too crazy. It was too, freakin, crazy. More than once I was nearly jumping out of my seat and tripping out at what I was seeing. The visuals are intense. Pretty good movie though.

I wish I could describe this movie better, but it was literally crazy.

My dad told me about this earlier today, and after seeing the trailer, I am very interested. Definitely hope I get to see it, and soon!


no… just… no…

Black Swan was great. one of the better movies of the year.

Yeah some bits were reminiscent of Fight Club. Still a good psycho-thriller, and Aronofsky does frantic OCD better than most.

The girl-on-girl scene was pretty hot but they were too fucking boney, it sounded like washing dishes.

Not only the best movie I’ve seen this year, the best American film I’ve seen in a few years. I saw this movie on Saturday and it’s still haunting me today. I LOVED it.

reminds me of perfect blue

Aronofsky once again does not shy away from complex human emotions. He in fact rubs it in our faces.

The twist the director, a character of the movie, wants to do to Swan Lake is make both the White Swan princess and the Black Swan to be performed by the same person. Nina, played by Natalie Portman, has been obsessed with being the lead Ballerina for maybe her whole life. She has put everything into perfecting her skill, but she is more machine like than human when she dances. She struggles to embrace her inner Black Swan, as we all do, and as a ballerina, she is at the same time obsessively adoring and loathing of herself.

Once Aronofsky lets the tension start, the audience is captivated and tortured. It’s not until the climax of Sawn Lake when he decides let us go. I was finally able to get up and walk away, but not a second before the end.

The music is as much a part of the film as anything, as one would expect given the stories subject.

Aronofsky’s film yet again gets my thumbs both way up as he struggles to capture complex human emotions through great story telling.

It’s very interesting how both the Wrestler and Black Swan present some similar physical and mental pains endured by the performers.

Black Swan basically features a shoutout to every Aronofsky film…

Not sure if you know this, but Black Swan and The Wrestler were actually supposed to be the same story. This was one of Aronovsky’s first scripts he wrote and at the time it was supposed to be about a pro wrestler who fell in love with a ballet dancer. It was supposed to show how completely different classes of people could relate to each other simply because they both destroy their bodies for what they consider art but others consider entertainment. He put the script aside and than later divided it into two scripts, adding more to the ballet dancers story to creat the Black Swan script we have now.

Arnovsky, today, says that The Wrestler is a “companion piece” to Black Swan. I havent seen Black Swan yet but everyone I know who has seen both say it’s kind of obvious. If it is I would love to see how he makes that work.

There were multiple scenes during this movie in which I covered my eyes. They were just too shocking for me to handle at 100%.

[spoiler=]When the character Beth began stabbing herself in the face, that was intense. Do you think that Nina subconsciously did the stabbing? She did come away with the knife, though she grabbed it from Beth, but Beth is a suicidal loony, so it’s possible it was indeed her.

The most visually grueling scene I think was when she was in the bathroom at the party near the beginning where she was peeling at the skin on her finger, I had to look away, that was way too gnarly.