Black, white, other or somewhere in between IT'S THE RACE THREAD!


In light of the Halle Berry thinking that her daughter is black thread. I thought I’d make this one just to talk about the different things that we’ve had to deal with because of our race.

So just to put a few things out there, I’ll start.

Why is it that Caucasians and African American refer to each other by color (which is wrong because we aren’t black or white anway) rather than by race? I wasn’t aware of this until my friend pointed it out to me a few months ago. It seems so normal to say it that way, but it really should change and we are the only races that do that.

One guy that I work with mentioned that we shouldn’t be called African American because a lot of us were born and raised here. We should just be called Americans. If the word Americans is pure, then why is the the prefix Native for Native Americans exist? The purpose of us studying history is so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes, yet we aren’t correcting the mistakes that we’ve found. The Indians here aren’t Indians, so why hasn’t someone corrected that already?

Question to you interracial folks. Can you choose what race you want when doing applications? I know there is an “other” choice, but what happens if you pick one other the other? Does white get you the job or black not get you the job and is the person surprised when you show up and they can see that your interracial? Have you ever had to explain choosing other and what was that like?

I’ll come back to this later, but for now I’ll just say this. I don’t care for watermelon or any melon for that matter, I hate purple and red drank and I fucking love chicken.


My threads always cause drama lol.


Personally I dont see biracial people as black. Most only consider themselves black when they get rejected by white folk.


i have a half white/black friend, and i always wondered what he had to put down in the race/ethnicity bubble portion before Standardized Testing in high school.




Because every biracial person is mixed with white and you know MOST of them. Fuck outta here.


There needs to be an insta-ban feature to keep these threads from being made.

Quoted from RoninChaos from a day or two ago:

“I’m not gonna let this stay open just to let the morons get a free pass at saying something racist and getting away with it. News flash, a small group of people doing some fucked up shit doesn’t make all those people the same. As stupid as some of you are, I will not allow this kind of shit here any more. If you want to post in a place where you can talk shit about other races or religions, then get on google and fucking find one. It isn’t gonna be in my section of the forums.”


Ive never heard a white person say, Why does it gotta be white?

You can’t say mexicans or Latins browns… haha
ight ight ight
real talk… I know every1 has bad days and innocents

FOR ME I have a real issue…
Im 100 percent mexican, yet ppl can’t get over the fact that Im light skinned, like, white pretty much…
but ppl can’t seem to understand that color, isn’t where your from, family is from, culture, or anything alongs those line.

**new issshhhH! ***

Plus I know whats it like for Biracial kids to not be accepted by whites or black… shyt! no1 fuckin likes me! b4 they even get to know me…
ppl jus find out facts about you, like where your from or w/e

but… Im fine with being a lone wolf :slight_smile: its given me my own swag( style) in the way I conduct myself, dress, talk, listen to…

A lot of people say they are open to everything but its bullshyt, unless most ppl dnt like thing less the media tell em its dope or ill.
It comes off to me that people jus wanna TRY to be slick, and say undermined/handed things to get under your skin…
Cuz it’s 2011… and tools/douches/tryhards/lames still rule, haha… if you give a fuck anyways

Then the way I talk comes into play… people expect me to talk like a white person, cuz I have white skin, and to some truth, I DO! but listening to rap and hangin out with different types of ppl, really changes my word usage and I say shyt like, “i unno bout that shyt maaaaaan” haha… SO ppl often say, why do u talk black? haha… I unno shawty

TO ME… Im 22 and have matured a lot for my age, mainly through interaction w/ ppl, (by no means, am I actually mature, I jus know life can be life when it wants to, ya smell me)…

But bringing up issue on how ppl talk, as in, why do U talk like this or that… is degrading and being racially ignorant is ez and prolly one of the easiest ways to put ppl down or undermind them, aside from being fat or ugly! haha, fatty want a milkshake!!! <— yes and yes :slight_smile:


lmao! double post! but plz… read my story b4 you ban this dude or close the thread :slight_smile:


I agree that this should be closed, but its always funny to see how truly stupid some people on this site are. Mother fuckers never want to progress because that shit is not comfortable. Instead of using the past as a building block for evolution of the human condition they want to find ways to use that block to create a wall to “protect” themselves. Prisoner of the mind and all that.


You’re in UK right? One-drop is an American thing. In some parts of the world, Obama wouldn’t be considered black (and looking at his upbringing, he probably knows that first-hand)


I’m only reffering to half white/black people, and I know A LOT of them. The other non-white/black mixes are rare and you know that.


I dont consider any half black person black, it doesnt matter where they’re from or where I live, and I dont feel any closer to them even if they do.


I want to discriminate against Nando. Not because he is a Mexican, but because he types like a retard banging his face on the keyboard.

Also, in b4 locked thread.

EDIT: In b4/during/after, black people being more racist than any other race.

Hugh Mad.


We are all the same race. The human race.

Now ethnicity and nationality are different things altogether.


in a world where the dominant super power doesn’t have a colour, and where corporations make all your decisions for you, why do people think colour matters anymore?

btw, more americans need to spell it colour, not color. Lazy bastards


My favorite used to be the 800 meter, not too long but you had time to give yourself a good lead over the competition. I did a lot of cross country 5K’s also and man those are not fun but it felt great finishing it and watching everyone behind you finish since you know they’re slower.


don’t get it messed up, color matters even in corporations at the highest level.


I didn’t see RoninChaos’ post from a few days ago. I also checked the rules.

As long as things stay civil, we are ok to speak on this subject.


This thread is…something.

I see what you’re saying. It’s sort of the opposite for me. I moved up to Oregon and whenever I visit SoCal homies they get mad I don’t talk like them anymore. I seriously lost all the fucking slang!

And they tell me I look lighter too. Shit is hilarious and annoying, the 1st day of my return to Cali always plays out with me getting clowned on. :xeye: