Black Woman finds the fountain of youth


And it involves eating your veggies apparently.


I think I am gonna have to get that video she made 12 years ago lol.


I’d hit it.


I bet she smells like Oranges.

I like oranges…


I was hoping they’d show or say something about her overall health, can she run or is this only skin deep??

Unprocessed food and nuking the nutrients out of your food would do a world of good to anyone.


Sometimes black just don’t crack. Look at Diahann Carroll.


What do you want from her?

She a 70 year old woman, not Captain America nigga.


not really. Us whiteys can afford plastic surgery.


Look at the husband. That bitch is a succubus.


Fuck that, I’m not giving up meat for that shit. You’re gonna die anyway.


Ozzy Osbourne achieved the same thing with massive amounts of drugs and animal heads.


If you don’t eat a pound of caramel crusted bacon a day you aren’t living anyway.

She’s dead on the inside.


I like how she is a woman from the post ww2 era building computers and designing her own clothes.


Oh my, eating healthy contributes to health.


who would have fucking known right?


100 year old black lady said have a Beer a day on the news once.


What I get from this vid is that if you want to look younger at 70 you need to have good genes and a quiet, peaceful life that allows you to concentrate on making juices all day. Also delusions work as a good placebo. lol @ rain water.


Zubats as well.


Faust remake looks boring.


Wait I just thought about something. Did this piece say anything about her having kids? I’m thinking if she had kids they’d have mentioned it. If she doesn’t that’s a REAL good way to avoid stress which can contribute to someone continuing to look young.





At 70 would you rather have perfect skin or still be able to move like you were half that age???


She does. They are in the 50s. Also, I wonder if that wig she’s wearing is part of her vegan diet.