Black women aren't attractive?


It seems the media has done it’s job with the conditioning. people either live in a village of 20 or are stuck in cement in front of the deathbox. black women are the most diversified women on the planet. sure, people have their preferences, but to be ignorant enough to say people who take up a large portion of the planet aren’t attractive calls for this:




I’m sure this will end well


dat unwashed and dirty hair.




I fapped to every single one of those pictures, one at a time.

And now I think I need to go to the hospital.

At the very least, I need someone with a pair of forceps to extract my underwear from my ass.


A person would pretty much have to be gay or racist to not be attracted to any of those chicks in that link


Oh look it’s this thread again!


paging @kzoh


Why you on all them shoe forums? Ain’t clickin that Hypebeast McStreetWear.

SB:Dunks A social stigma to make men gay consumers that are willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a wack colorway for reseller profit while the Nike factory pays its employees pennies on the dollar?

I would like to hear about @pherai 's stories some day though. Maybe he likes Aggressive Nike basketball/Retro Griffey Nomo baseball, Flightposite KG Olympics gradient, Jerry Rice crosstrainers, T-MAC’s ninja strap shoe stuff I like too.

Oh and ask that Chinese 3rd strike high school dude about them rich chinese kids being all brainwashed… to also buy Yeezy/Barkley’s ice cream starship mess/flavor of the moment Martin Lawrence “AIR WHAQS.” But a collection picture of every Flightposite on stairs or some tennis court was a sick photo.


close this shit please. lmao



The hell they ain’t!!


some of those girls need an appointment with a straightening comb and/or some relaxer ASAP.


“You made a topic - without pics?!”


I saw these photos of this singer and thought: “IRL Sakura”

But with so many other looks, she only looked like this probably like once.

Women photo threads do have a place on SRK though, enjoy:


Nah, those chicks don’t need straightener. Nappy is beautiful, fuck all those chemicals and weave


i thought i was reading the second page of this thread but nope, this is the first page


what’s up with all the race bait threads?


Pat Morita.

Close the thread.


Man i love black girls. There are some really hot women and ugly women from all races though. Equal distribution too.

Black men tend to look past the surfboard/noassatall when it comes to white/asians

And srk’ers are willing to over look the dick. Fuck dude said

“before i knew kayo was a guy, i would make out with and take her out, now that i know she has a dick i would wife her up”

That is srk in a nutshell