BlackBelt on the Sega Master System (SMS)!

Anyone here old enough to remember this game???

Truly my first ever fighting game!!!

I use to be hooked on this game, the music was so bad ass too!

Now that I think about it…This is prolly the reason I fell in love with
Street Fighter so much!

Any of of you guys remember playing this!?

Was this the one that had an arcade version that had two joysticks, and combinations of the two did certain moves?

I absolutely loved this game! The boss music was awesome. I was fascinated by how each boss had a certain weakness, and how a different finisher occurs for each boss. By the way, did you know that this was the localized version of Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) for the Master System?

No, I think you’re referring to another game.

I am proud to say that I own this gem. AND I’ve beaten it.

This is probably the first fighting game with fatalities. machinegun punches boss 345 times until he explodes into tiny squares


But any way, like Soge_King said, this game is nothing more than HnK with dubbed over sprites to make for a non-liscensed game for an American audience. One of the funniest things I find about the game is how they remade Souther into a chick. :rofl:

Speaking of which…for those who get the HnKPS2 release, you can look forward to playing the original MKIII game, as well as the Sega Ages remake on the extra disc.

this is one of the few games i don’t own for SMS, i’m an avid collector with almost 110 of the 126 game roster

black belt is that shit

One of my favourite games. How about Kenseiden?

Karate Champ. That game was in some Vanne Damme movie, I think Bloodsport.
Some guy here has an avatar with the graphics from it, labelled 'Combo Schmombo" or something like that. I LOL’d at it. (first one to get hit loses the round)

Right, right. Okay, my bad.

I’ve never played this Black Belt game then.

I loved this game. The boss fights were dope. I remember I couldn’t beat the zombie in the kimono for the longest time. Anybody remember Kung-Fu Kid (another Master System classic)?

YES! I also have this game :smile:
Now this one I actually finished, although I can’t remember any of the details (it’s been more than 13 years lol).

Kung-Fu Kid

Black Belt:

I personally liked KFK more. It was easier and more fun overall.


Thanks for the memories man :tup:

I really can’t choose between the two, I loved them equally lol!

the best sms game ever is wonder boy III the dragon’s trap hands down.

Kung Fu Kid was the first game we ever got for the Master System, the music for that game was awesome as well. The flaming talismans were too good. I remember in school there was a rumor that if you kicked a certain spot on Stage 5 you would get …um. something, I can’t remember it’s been waaay too long. But yeah, Kung Fu Kid was the shit!

I loved all of these games here. blackbelt was my first game for ms. i has ms before nes. My man OJ downstairs used to have kung fu kid and i got wonderboy 3 before i gave in and bought an nes. Sega master system was so much fun but not enough games in the states and not enough people with it meant nowhere to rent games from and hardly noone to borrow games from