Blackberry Tournament Creator


Another app, i’m not sure has been made yet but anywho…
This app allows you to set up double elimination tournaments up to 32 people, you pick the names and it will randomize the start and then set up the brackets for you, all you have to do is pick the winners. The app is free for now, took about 6 or so hours to make(I didn’t know brackets could be so funky), i’m not sure if i’m going to charge for this one. It was developed and has been successfully ran on a Verizon Storm OS but I ran it on the simulators of a Pearl and Curve running OS 4.5 but haven’t been able to run a real test because I don’t own either.

MP Methods Double LM

All comments are welcome and please enjoy. I decided to do this because it seemed like an easy way to set up some small tournaments when I am with my friends, nothing serious. I plan to add a couple of what I would like to say key updates such as being able to e-mail yourself the results but I have finals and projects so if I survive past May 15th you’ll see some better stuff

P.S. Double LM if said slow enough almost sounds like double el em for double elimination =D If you guys can think of a better name i’m all ears, I plan to make it also have Single elimination and round robin so the name might be misleading in the future.

P.P.S. Special thanks go out to my girl for creating my favorite app icon of all time Q-(^^Q) pow

P.P.P.S If you have a curve and would like to be a beta tester let me know Every little bit helps. I don’t know if this part is against the rules here, if it is sorry and please remove this. Also not sure if this is the right place to be posting this but it’s techy!


i’m looking forward to seeing how this works.


Well if ya have a blackberry you can download it now, it’s up on my site just gotta click the icon. If you have a curve/pearl and d/l it please let me know the results.


i have a storm, but tried it out and its awesome, though I really want V1.4 asap… Great job Atlus; i’m going to have to donate soon if PayPal becomes or is an option… excellent app for my blackberry.

my suggestion: you should add a feature to adjust the prize money breakdown


Thank you =) your request has been added as V1.5. I could probably do half of V1.4 quickly (Single Elimination) i’ve never done a round robin tournament before so i’d have to make sure I am implementing it correctly but it sounds easy enough.

You can donate via paypal in the button on the website or on my first post, thanks again for the suggestion just cross you fingers for me for finals coming up :looney:.