Blackcats-games - Anyone got an Invite?

Can anyone hook me up with one?

Mod's note: I'm going to make this as clear as I can make it. If you sign up for SRK just to ask for an invite, I'm going to ban you, no buts about it. And you're not going to get your invite either, so don't bother.

i would if i could, but im not a power user so i cant send invites

I thought I was the only one trying to get in on this. Shit is like impossible.

they download fastttttt

yeah couldn’t find one…but someone on this site is hooking me up (well no invite yet)! I love SRK!


I had an account,a while ago.Left the shit unnactive for a while,and they deleted my account.Now I probably won’t ever get back in :frowning:

BCG is a joke, those guys keep ons witching servers and you end up losing accounts. Good fucken shit.

Bitches took away my account I had a long long long time ago with a yahoo email account with a really good ratio. Bastages.

I need one too. I had a fucking 5 in sharing and afterthe downtime it was gone.

I got 0 invites.

is this like revolution?

Thanks for the hookup crimzonflame!
Anyone got demonoid as well?

Crimzon! Give me one if you still have any left.

Can I have one too, please? Yo, hook it up!

Is there a prize for a Demonoid one :smiley:

FUCK I just missed out…

Congrats 1

Well well well, we’ll see if I have any to spare.

haha sorry…i really jsut wanted the blackcats one.

I signed up and it says my username and pw is wrong after it says account was made successfully! WTF!

edit - ummm i just tried to recover username/pw and it says my email is not registered now…can anyone help me with this?

wtf game is this?

Enable cookies, then try to log in again. That’s what it said to do with mine.