Blackest Night one-shots (James Robinson's Starman included!)


Phantom Stranger, but no Spectre? Either way, the idea is stupid.

Why’s that? If you have no interest in reading them you can just skip them, but the writing talent they have for the issues interests me which is why I’ll read them; BN tie-in or not.
Heck I actually thought they were going to continue these series after BN rather than them being BN tie-ins :looney:

It bastardizes the value of the original stories, because of the fact that they ARE BN tie-ins. If these titles were so beloved, then why didn’t DC bring them back sooner? It’s greedy revamping titles that were once cherished just to cash in on the BN story. Clearly, titles like Starman were once obviously popular enough to stand on their own. So why bring them back like this? I understand that you’re excited just to have them back. All I’m saying is that I’m pissed that it took BN to get them here.

One of the cheesiest and most gimmicky ideas in comics has always been the idea of bringing back characters from the dead. If they were worthwhile characters then why kill them off at all in the first place?

How lucky we are now that Blackest Night lets DC do that for every character ever created, even if it’s for ones that absolutely no one cares about bringing back.

How could 1 single issue basterdize a series that is at least a few dozen issue long?
If there was some positive reactions from these issues, then chances are DC will make a new one for them.

I don’t think they had initially planned for BN to be the method to bring these titles back; chances are they were thought up along the way. Usually when an event ends, new series are made (eg Annhilation lead to a Nova series, CW lead to Avengers Initiative to name a few).
So if these issues get some positive feedback DC may make a new series for them, and maybe even with the writers that did these single issues (is hoping for an SS book with Gail Simone writing it :smokin: )

I bet they didn’t even plan to do this until they realized that Blackest Night was falling behind schedule and needed an extra month. Then they must’ve been like, “Wow, we need a month of filler to keep the fans busy while we try to catch up on our main cash cow… Let’s just revive a few venerable series with one-shots and slap the Blackest Night banner on 'em! If we make sure everyone knows these are Blackest Night tie-ins, maybe those naive fans won’t realize this is weaker than a run-of-the-mill fifth week event. Some of those idiots might even think we planned it this way!”

The Question comic by Rucka might be interesting, and maybe the Suicide Squad comic as long as Ostrander does most of the work on it. James Robinson hasn’t written anything worthwhile ever since he got an Asian girlfriend.

Perhaps it cannot bastardize the entire series prior, but it definitely cheapens DC’s respect for the character and their consumers at the very least. I doubt they planned on it either, at least not from the beginning. However, by the time BN started falling behind and rolling through multiple printings, I’m sure it went something like Zephyranthes clever interpretation. And if these one-shots sell out, I agree that they will almost certainly develop a new series. I just think it’s shameful of DC to take cancelled books that were in most cases good at one point, and bring them back in such a tacky, gaudy manner. Honestly, I find it quite amusing how many parallels there are between DC and the Black Lantern rings regarding this topic; both are high-class pimps exploiting and desecrating corpses at a phenomenal rate.

For true. There is so much win in your post, I could not resist the quote.