Blackheart FAQ at GameFAQs

For those who don’t know it yet, I do have a Blackheart FAQ at GameFAQs. If you need to know how to find it, there’s a link to it on my blog ( I generally try to update it every two months.

Since it’s basically the digested version of my “Das & Stilt Teach BH” thread, I deleted that one. If you have a question, you can e-mail me directly, or post the question so that Eric can have a crack at it, too.

Basically, I’m done answering stupid questions.

edit: It’s not on my blog anymore, but Eric’s linked to it below.

So for the rest of you, here’s the link that I’ve actually got when I go to GameFAQs myself, since I can’t actually find the link on Dasrik’s page at all.

If he’s got a newer version than that up, I don’t know what it is.

Oh, and there are numerous reliable witnesses up and down the I-5 corridor between Eugene and Seattle who can testify that yes, I can do the BH/Sent/Commando “StiltMan DHC” fairly reliably. The timing is not that hard if you learn how to cancel it right. Just DHC BH out when the bottom edge of the opponent’s body spinning down from the inferno is a little over a Cable body length below the scoreboards. Or a little under halfway down the screen from them. Use your own measuring stick, but it’s a consistent position that, off of a Commando/inferno is pretty damn reliable once you learn to look for it. It’s also not that hard to get a mental clock in your head to feel for it as well if you’re bad at judging distances.

It’s really not harder than the Storm/Sentinel DHC once you figure this out, the main problem is that if the HOD actually hits them before you cancel, it’ll screw it up. If you’re at full screen distance from them it may not be a bad plan to Armageddon instead of HOD to avoid this, although I usually don’t just so I don’t think too much and keep my focus on the actual timing of the DHC itself. If you throw the inferno at the last possible instant before they recover from Commando, and just wing them with the edge of it, it’ll generally increase the odds of hitting the DHC much better without the HOD hitting – both the inferno and the HOD have an aversion to appearing at the extreme edge of the screen, and the inferno’s hitbox is wider than the usual area that demons in the HOD will hit. If I’m in practice I’m going to hit this thing often enough that anybody who plays against my BH regularly doesn’t expect to live if I hit them with the right team order.

Version .1.0 is up. That will be the last update for at least one year.

Good read dasrik.