Blackheart Infinite

I was wondering if anyone would please help me with the Blackheart Infinite combo. I have been trying it off of Cyclops AA. Does anyone know the combo? Thanks.

C.Short + B-Cyclops, C.Forward (hit Short twice)
then superjump forward and hit roundhouse. Time it so the goblins grab them as they come out of the gene splice.
Then airdash back and throw some more goblins. They should fall on them, and bounce back up.

Keep superjumping, throwing goblins, airdash back more goblins.

That’s the BH infinite.

BH Infinite

Thanks for the info. on the Blackheart Infinite. It is appreciated.

Word of caution: Do not use the BH infinite too much unless your opponent’s meter is already maxed. Don’t do more than the first paragraph [do not do continuances of the BH infinite except to get used to the feel of it].
You don’t want to give your opponent a ton of meter to hit you with later. Especially since they gain more meter than you and the computer will undizzy around 60% damage. You also want to kill the opponent the first viable opportunity you get.

I’ll give you some examples:

=BH, Cable-b, Cyc vs Mags, Cable-b[2p], Psylocke
-BH hits Mags, Mags doesen’t die, snaps out BH later, dismantles Cyc off guardbreak, dismantles Cable off guardbreak, dismantles BH off guardbreak.

=Same teams
-BH hits Mags twice killing him [2 infinites second one has a tag-in to Cable]
-Cable 2p gets lucky and fries Cable. He then GB BH and BH also dies [his health was depleted just enough for 2 supers to kill]. Now it’s Cyclops alone vs Cable [2p] and Psylocke. Cyclops is behind and likely to make a third mistake costing him the match. [Most Cyc aren’t good with him, don’t take care of his needs, or both.]

The infinite does have it’s uses, just don’t do more than 1 rep, and do something else off it [tag out to Cable, DHC in Sent, Air JD instead of second air roundhouse, DHC in Sent, their man dies, you laugh, etc…].