Blackheart request

Hello. I’ve never posted here before but I’ve lurked these forums for quite a long while. I wanted to ask if someone has a pic of Blackheart from Marvel VS Capcom 2 of him from the VS screen. I just can’t find it. Thanks a lot.

i think this is what you’re asking for…

No sorry. That quite isn’t the one I wanted. I see that one a lot. I want the picture of his portrait on the VS screen. It is different from that pic. Thanks.

ok…2 things:
[] it’s been a while since i lasted played mvc2 but last time i played with BH i’ve always remembered that the “other potrait” of him is the same pic i posted above but cropped.
] the only other possible thing is BH’s sprite


if this still isnt what you want then i dont know what to say to you…

This it?

Sorry that is still not it, I just checked. Go to the gallery for the PS2 version of the game and the picture in the background of the main one is what I am after. The colored version if possible. You see it in the VS screen and also whenever Blackheart uses a level. Thanks for being so patient.

Nope still not it. It is a completely different picuture. He is in a different pose than those ones. Go try it out if you don’t believe me. That pick is from Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter anyway I think.

It’s MVC2 and it is the one from the VS screen, the back ground Gallery pic and on the VS screen. Everyone in MVC2 has two different pics.

This is the only other one I can find.

Dunno where it’s from but it looks like Bengus.

Hmmm. Maybe their is no pic of what I’m after on the internet at all? Did anyone ever upload the gallery from the ps2 version of the game?