Blackheart video reference guide!

Well now that all the midterms are over and I have some free time I’m going to begin what I’m calling the “Blackheart video reference guide.”

This is basically a thread devoted to videos of people using Blackheart, that show techniques and strategies that are top notch. Wheter it be defensive strategies, runaway tactics, pressure tactics, exceptional zoning, dangerous combos, tricks, reset, etc. I want to post up vids where we’re not seeing Blackheart getting utterly destroyed so that we can assess what they’re doing right and hopefully begin to build an all around better Blackheart for all of us.

This is in no particular order in terms when the matches were recorded so expect to see some older footage mixed in with the new stuff.

Alright the 1st video

True this is a Blackheart oriented team, therefore he should be able to hold his own better, I found that this guy had solid zoning and decision making ability in the air at normal jump height. He started making mistakes at one point when he gave storm an opening at sj height that should have got him damaged, and also he got overly inferno happy, but besides that I see some things that can be learned from this video.

Everyone else’s input is welcome and wanted.

Search for MikeHeart on youtube. Good friend of mine. I started playing BH years ago. He began using him and got 10 times better the next time I saw him. Excellent, IMO.

I’ve seen that video b4… the BH user is better than average but that isn’t saying much. He started out good, but got sloppy and should have died for it twice. Fortunately the guy he was playing was all kinds of off. He couldn’t land a lightning storm combo, couldn’t pushblock out of the inferno stuff, and never safe guarded a hailstorm with a typhoon first. Granted, chupa picked things back up after that bit of sloppy play, the opponent just isn’t a good enough player to have a studying case on. Which brings up something I could have told you b4 you made this thread. That is the fact that the people these BH users whose vids you’re going to be posting up shouldn’t be some sorry players b/c that will result in bad BH tactics looking to be better than they are.

Mikeheart… I expect to see some vids of him popping up too. From what I’ve seen, he’s got a good poke game.


I found a solid vid of Mikeheart with his main BH team (BH, Sent, Capcom). For the love of God, pay no attention to the Blackheart on the left…

I kinda wish my LI peeps taped me playing BH. My rushdown seemed pretty unique to say the least…Mikeheart’s BH is good shit, he knows how to take advantage ov BH’s poke game.

Two notes, start applying FP-DT and full-screen dash to your games…and use those FP demons more (without mashing demons and negating their summonings), their life drain tech is a pretty good surprise tactic esp. when coupled with pokestrings.

that was actually the next guy I was going to post up. I don’t like this set of matches however b/c there isn’t really any threat from the team you’re playing (no offense Hollow) due to the fact that spiral can’t punish Blackheart from something like the cyclops assist hitting him.

I’m sure Mike was being more reckless b/c of this fact but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not a good way to play. His poke game was definitely bang on though. Also, you were both throwing way too many infernos to heart of darkness supers against each others Blackheart. Seems like nobody knows this (I assume b/c not that many people play Blackheart) but all Blackheart has to do is super jump, pushblock the inferno, and airdash out of the heart of darkness super and punish.

since we’re talking about rush down I’ll post this video next.

I think this method of rushdown with the doom assist is definitely affective as long as they don’t have a psylocke or cyclops assist. He does some infernos without anything else which seems dangerous though. That’s really risky!

That’s me playin BH. You wouldn’t use this method against a cable assist either. It’s actually really limited to when I’m playing against a doom-B assist, santhrax, or sin with cable on point.
As for those solo infernos. Both of those were supposed to be followed by supers. HOD was supposed to follow the one I did outside of the corner. And ARM was supposed to be after the one in the corner. That way I could call my doom-B assist and throw them into it and cancel to an AJD. Only problem was that I was playing on pad and suck at SJing and half/quarter circle motions b/c of it.
I suggest you post up a Jaminis match next. He’s a good example of sandwiching players by ADing over them while calling projectile type assist.

When BH has Fierce Demons out, what makes them disappear? I want to have them out as long as possible, but it seems they disappear at the worst times.

Any ground special, any demon summoning after the FP ones connect (FP/RK variants on ground or in air), I think I’m forgetting one.

lol yeah you are forgetting one. TIME.
j.FP demons only last for so long. This is based upon how far they are from BH. If BH doesn’t create some range between him and the demons they’ll disappear when they get back to him. I didn’t exactly time this with a stop watch, but it’s kinda like saying “one one thousand.” If you clear as much space as possible, you can actually say “one one thousand two one” and they’ll still be on the screen. I have a 2:55 video dedicated to all the demon mechanics that shows this.

Yeah I figured time, just didn’t know the full specs on the FP demon aspect…good post.

Is it posted anywhere? I would love to analyze that one. Damn.

naw I was waiting to put it in the blackheart tutorial

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