Blackheart vs. Cable



In the spirit of helping out the forums and making information easier to find… this is a thread all about quite possibly one of the more misunderstood matchups of the game, and a place where BH players can share tips and what works for them.

I’m not going to mince words. Blackheart does not beat Cable. All other things being equal, BH gets pasted by him. But if you choose to play BH seriously, it is a match you will run into over and over again, and you don’t always have the option to DHC into Storm or someone who can handle the match better.

So what’s a BH player to do? I can tell you that many times I can handle this match just because my knowledge of this fight is so good, whereas my opponent’s knowledge boils down to “AHVB him when he Inferno xx HODs” and little else. But that’s not always enough. Here is what I keep in mind when I run into this fight:

DO: [list][] Try to stay directly above Cable. This is the position you want to be in, where you are safest from his AAA and he is in a poor position to hit you. The thing about this is that Cable doesn’t have a lot of good ways to KEEP YOU from doing this once you’ve gotten above him. If you can isolate Cable from his assist, you can get an offense going.
] Remember: Cable can’t change the direction of his jump. THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THIS MATCH-UP. BH has more freedom to move up and down than Cable because of this. If you can goad Cable into superjumping, you get an opportunity to get in on him. Even if he jumps, if you can maneuver your way past his line of fire, you can get in on him. Remember - you don’t want Cable directly in front of you. He can stop your movement with jump fierce xx viper beam easily and chip some decent life to boot.
[] Use the ground dash. I used to try to superjump past a descending Cable to get in on him whenever I successfully made him superjump, but this just gives him a chance to shoot you. It doesn’t matter if you block it or not, it’s not what you want. The best way to close distance when Cable superjumps is to ground dash. You avoid grenades, you get in. Throw an AAA or some other roadblock for Cable to fall on and get above him, or superjump up and tick grab him. You can also use the ground dash to avoid stand fierce traps (although I’d be really careful about how you use this). The ground dash is one of Blackheart’s underrated tools, it should be used.
] Save your airdash when possible. When fighting Cable, the tendency is to get a lot of random superjump shorts that don’t really go anywhere. If you keep your airdash, you can get a bit more damage off those hits, plus you have an easier time evading AAAs and actually getting in on Cable. Also if your shorts are blocked, you can go for a tick grab.
[] Try to have an assist that lets you hurt Cable. BH/Commando is a fairly common configuration, but it has problems on Cable because you don’t get anything more than an Inferno after a connected low short. A more beneficial AAA would be Cyclops (Armageddon hurts quite a bit), or A-Sentinel/A-Magneto (low shorts into judgement day). If you score hits on a grounded Cable
] Rush a Cable without a viable anti-air. Blackheart has a way easier time on a Cable carting only drones or rocks as defense. Jump in relentlessly and get him to the corner where you can safely chip and get some damage in.
[] Follow connected roundhouse demons with a snapback. If you catch Cable out of the air with roundhouse demons, try to get close and snap in his AAA. This isn’t easy, because BH’s snapback sucks, but it is DEFINITELY worth it.
] Get Blackheart out if you have someone better. If Storm is next, just get her in. Don’t even think about trying to kill Cable with Blackheart, even if you can do it. He’s much more useful to Storm as a HEALTHY assist.

DON’T: [list][] Try to chip Cable out of the corner. It’s not worth it to give Cable an opportunity to zap you. I wouldn’t even try to chip a team with Cable on it unless they didn’t have the meter it took to hurt me. Using Inferno xx JD is crap too, since the chip it does isn’t enough to warrant using unless it’ll kill Cable (and if it hits, it does less damage). Just don’t.
] Bait out AHVB. Also not worth it, unless you know the timing. There are only two ways I bait out AHVB with BH - calling Sentinel on a Cable that can’t kill him, and superjump rh xx airdash back. The latter is exceptionally risky unless you know the timing, and I’ve done it often enough for it to work, but the times I fail… I kick myself.
[] Throw demons on unguarded Cable. The rule I generally follow with people who can throw stuff down is, DON’T DO IT unless they’re blocking something first. This is exceptionally important with BH vs. Cable. Make sure they’re blocking Cyclops assist or possibly another set of demons before throwing them.
] Lose confidence. After getting hit once, it’s easy to get into panic mode. Don’t, you’ll just die quicker. Don’t get nervous because it’s BH vs. Cable. If you know your opponent likes to stand still, you already have a good chance of pulling this off, so don’t back down because of nerves. You have to do it, so make the most of it. Confidence and bravery![/list]

Anyone else have any suggestions? Please… discuss.


wow this is some good BH info.

BTW IMO i think BH/Commando is best against Cable then maybe BH/Cyclops.

BH by himself, is really tough IMO to face cable

Ill post more later…


can you give anything for BH vs. Sent ?


That’s for another thread…

Anyway, here are some things that come in handy for the assists Cable is likely to cart…

Cable/Cyclops: Avoid Cyclops. I know this goes without saying. Saving your airdash is important in this fight because if you get close enough and above Cable, you can completely evade Cyclops with an airdash. This helps.

Cable/Commando: Commando can often be avoided by sticking in close and simply jumping in repeatedly, in the range where the pillar will completely whiff. Watch out for pushblocks, though. Cable/CapCom tends to get cornered a lot. This is where having Doom REALLY helps.

Cable/Y-Storm: If forced to block stand fierce, use guard cancel to escape the trap. If the opponent tries to start it out of nowhere, USE THE GROUND DASH and you’ll travel underneath the guns and be able to hit Cable and Storm. Goody!

Cable/Doom: This match can become exceptionally easy once you get in on Cable, since Doom will go away when you hit him with jump shorts. Depending on how much strength is between you and Cable, you might want to superjump more often in this fight (rock chips are worse than viper beam chip).


OK say I hit Cable with the HK demon and do the infinite a rep or two, now I don’t want to give this beast (cable) any more meter then I have to so what should I do…
Is normal jump up next to him qcb+PP safe or can he punish and what is that aircombo that goes off the infinite with the airdash that ends in the throw, or any other things that would be good here you can think of. I haven’t played this match-up on a great cable in a while…


Hmm, is it possible to sj cancel the HoD after FS? The computer did it a couple times the other day but I cant seem to do it. If you can it seems like it would help his game overall quite a bit. Also, is their any use for lp Inferno?


Well I dont even use the HOD super anymore because of cable I use JD super instead


The best thing to do if you can land next to Cable before he lands is Inferno xx Armageddon… lots of damage and options afterward for continued aggression. If you can’t land in time the aircombo is decent, but the fact that you can’t end it safely makes me think twice. If you can combo Inferno after launch consistently, I’d say that’s the best thing to do. Otherwise, just land and JD.


Lp infernoxxHOD is good vs. magneto when he thinks he’s getting in on you.:evil:


a big don’t :

Cable CAN ahvb AFTER you connect a HoD. Never do HoD on Cable.



I use lp inferno a lot. Like YieArKungFu said, it’s really really nice on Mags who think their getting in on you. It’s also good on air-born Storms. My team consists of BH/Storm-y/Capcom… and with this you can abuse calling Storm assist then doing lp inferno. That is abuse it on characters not named: Cable or Sentinel. If you simply need to cover the entire screen with shit to chip somebody to death… then storm assist, lp inferno, and either Armageddon or Judgement Day.

The best part about the lp inferno is that there will be ZERO forward movement by the other character. As the lp one will hit them if they dash, super, or walk into it… even after it has been sitting there for a while. As well most projectiles will be eaten up by it. (Not beams or typhoons obviously).


Have a prob with cable

How do u avoid getting hit by cable’s viper beam after u do HOD?when BH crawls under how do u block the viper beam?what do u do?


Have a prob with cable

check here:

BUT the best suggestion for that would be to NOT do the HOD to Cable.


Need help with cable’s viper beam

I’ve been reading what other people are saying about BH HOD when his forced to crawl under does anybody know how to block cable’s viper beam?someone was saying shake the stick up n down is there an accurate way to block cable’s VB?That’s the only thing im havin problem with.That’s the only thing that makes me frustrated.If anybody knows how to block it PLS respond back


can sent hit Bh with HSF after HOD?



Not even Juggernaut can HC him… fucked up… I know…


check this out my friend juz put up that site:D


It’s a nice effort but I would have waited until I finished more than two of the pages before putting up the site. Also… Iron Man advanced strategies does not equate to “how to do the infinite”.



thanx alot for scoping out the site dasrik.the only question i have that seems nobody can answer is (how do u avoid getting hit by cable’s viper beam afterHOD)people r telling me different things but since u know more tactics with BH than anybody else so do i avoid it?:smiley:


Short answer: “You can’t.”

Long answer: By holding up, you will get up quicker from the forced dash giving Cable less time to AHVB you. However, if he does it as soon as he gets up (or if he mashes to get up faster), he can still shoot you anyway. So… you can’t.