Blackheart vs. Storm

This fight is in some respects a lot like BH vs. Magneto, and in other ways a lot different. It is the same in that if Storm is rushing down, you deal with it in much the same way as you would vs. Magneto. See my thread there for details on that.

The differences are in Storm’s distance game. Typhoon xx hail storm makes you think twice about countercalling on Storm’s assists, whereas with Magneto you don’t really care. So you probably want to ignore Storm’s assists unless you know she is not in a position to counter with typhoon xx hail. Alternately, from fullscreen you could throw an inferno to trade - just be sure the inferno comes out before or at the same time as hailstorm.

If Storm is doing nonsense in superjump space, either charge meter or throw infernos to try to get her. From a certain height up, non-cancelled infernos are pretty safe (especially if she’s already lightning attacked). If she tries to do vertical typhoons, stop that retarded nonsense immediately with inferno xx HOD. If you can’t do one in time, just block - she can only do one safely (if she does another, you know what to do. Can you tell I hate this retarded bitch tactic that doesn’t even work?)

Random hail storm is something that can annoy Blackheart, since he spends a lot of time throwing demons to charge meter. However, if you watch the icon at the bottom of the screen when superjumping around, you should be able to tell when Storm begins a hailstorm and airdash to go into block when the hail comes out. Contrary to popular (read, stupid) belief, random hail storms don’t own BH.

when they try to go for hail storm try to be around the middle of the super jump and try to hit them with fierce demons to stop hail storm or infinite, i try that when storm thinks hail storms is a realy good idea, and the intimidation of a infinite, and if you have cable coming in, seeing that meter, is intimidation

middle of super jump, middle of the screen in super jump, i dont’ mean to try to hit storm when you are on the other side, suicide