Blackheart's assist. can someone help me get around it?


my team is magneto, sent, and cyke (sometimes capcom). i’m no pro, but i’m not a scrub either. i’m a decent player. anyways, i play marvel with one of my friends like every other day, and just recently he started using blackheart, and i can’t seem to get around his assist. the one where he shoots and upward beam or what not. i find it hard to get around, especially when i’m flying with sent, and cyke since he can’t air dash like mag, i can’t dodge it. i can kinda dodge it with mag by air dashing, but most likely i will run into a set up, cus he knows for a fact that i’m gona dash. please, any helpful tips would be appreciated.


What team is he using? There’s always a way to get around stuff you just got to figure out his pattern.


well, as soon as you can, punish the assist. It comes out slow and it leaves slow. If he keeps using it, use sentinels assist or Cykes assist. They both counter BH’s assist pretty well. Each pair or group their is a certain way around it. So imma do it this way:

Magneto/BH- Blackhearts assist has alot of Blockstun, which allows Magneto to do whatever in that time. What I would do is when magneto comes close, use cyclops assist. Two things will either happen. 1. Magneto gets hit, Cyclops is safe, and you will be able to rushdown and do a strong punish on Blackheart. 2. Magneto blocks, you block, Cyclops is safe and you are able to punish Blackheart. Of course, this is theory. I never fought this pair ever

Storm/BH- same as above except Storm has a chipping game and she is able to keepaway pretty well. What I would do is block Blackhearts assist, then do an airdash to attack BH and if you can storm. The worst that can happen is you get out prioritize by storm. But it is worth it because it gets you a step closer to getting rid of that zoning. I would rather pull Sentinel out in this fight. Your goal is to keep them in the corner.

Sent/BH- I would pull Magneto out. this pair is Magnetos worst nightmare. Sentinel/Cyclops can work well. RTSD all day. Don’t let sentinel breathe. It works sometimes.

Cable/BH- Easy, especially with Magneto/Cyclops. Rush down. If you hit Cable, make sure you kill him. DO NOT PUNISH BH ASSIST USELESS YOU ARE HITTING A BLOCKED CABLE TOO!! You will get owned.

IM/BH- play just like Magneto. It is mad easy

Spiral/BH- I cry every time I play this team. So much chip and almost no way to get out. Look in the Spiral thread and see if you can find an answer. Basically, kill Spiral

Cyclops/BH- Do not get in the corner. Cyclops/BH corner trap owns pretty much anybody I play. Just get cyclops in the corner and it will be easy.

Strider/BH- wow. You have to kill strider quickly. if you get out of the trap, Bh is there to pull you back in. Not fun. Cyclops can beat this team with patience and correct punishment.

Sorry i will edit.


Bh assist isn’t to great unless their point is good at space control. Shit takes an hour to start up… with magnus u can air dash in to stuff him. If u fear retaliation… stuff him… cancel to tempest then dhc to hsf… loop it an extra time and bh assist is dead or hurting so bad u won’t see him come out anymore.

If ur afraid they will predict ur airdash… ground dash… or short ground dash to trijump… then start up the same shit…

If they running cable n bh… its harder… need to get… in and pin… square jump…

Imo picking bh aaa exposes u to new weaknesses unless u have a zoning master like spiral, doom, cyke… ect on point.


blackheart, war machine, and rouge