Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle compatible laptop?


Im thinking about buying the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (USB 3.0) for live streaming but I don’t know if it is compatible with my laptop, a HP Pavilion dv6-6c60eo.

My laptop specifications:
**Processor ** Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM
**Processorspeed ** 2,2GHz(max turbo 3,1GHz)
**Cores **4
**Chipset ** Intel ® HM65 Express Chipset
**Memory ** DIMM 1333MHz DDR3
**Size ** 8GB
Harddrive 750GB - SATA 5400 RPM
Graphic Radeon™ HD7690M XT (2GB DDR 5 - dedicated)
USB 3.0 2 ports

I also followed their guide at: and this is my result:

BUT then I saw this @their homepage:


I have the Intel ® HM65 Express Chipset :frowning: I don’t want the Hauppauge HD PVR cause i’ve heard it has some screen delay wich makes live commentating very difficult?

Anyone who have tried and succefully got the Shuttle to work with motherboards other than the Intel X58?


It works with laptops, however, their lack of documentation on which ones in particular means it’s a craps shoot.

I have a desktop, but mine works with an unlisted mobo after a recent driver update (9.5.2, couldn’t get it to work before that). It’s an ASUS X58 Sabertooth. Same USB drivers as yours. The BMD manuals are outdated and do a pretty terrible job documenting compatibility and potential issues, so the fact that you have the Renesas USB3.0 in there isn’t going to be a completely solid indicator of whether or not it would work. You’re running Sandy Bridge chipset, so from what I can tell, it should be a compatible chipset architecture. I mean, it’s newer than my X58… (I’m no expert on things like this, though)

With such a lack of documentation, all I can suggest is jump right in. The problem with laptops, however, is the lack of ability to capture the uncompressed video feed from the Shuttle. (Due to the required write speeds). The great thing about the Intensity is, even encoded, your captures will still look like god licked your video cables…

Worst case scenario, you can always return it.



Thanks for the answer, I’ve noticed, there is not much information on this. I’ve googled a lot but can’t seem to find anything on a Shuttle with the HP dv6 and the annoying part is that I can only buy the device online. But you do have a X58 motherboard + USB 3.0 and I guess that’s why it’s working on your desktop.

Maybe I should just buy the Hauppauge HD PVR and stick with the delay? or maybe you know a better capture card compatible with a laptop?


The stream delay can be fixed if you use a splitter from the source to the tv then to the HD PVR.
Example: PS3/Xbox-Splitter to TV and HD PVR.

If you want the PCI version of Black Magic, get one of these
And you can get a lower level one. These are pricey though.



I mean the delay when watching in TotalMedia Extreme, it is not identical to what’s showing up on the TV screen, do you get what I mean?
Or maybe that’s what ur talking about?

The thing is I want to be able to use it with my laptop, easier to carry the “stream” around but thanks for the hint tho :slight_smile:


Are you trying to watch the stream and commentate at the same time? Maybe it could be the program purposely delaying the feed. The general consensus is for people to use xsplit.
What exactly is your problem. there may be other problems such as processing.
I know that the TV is delayed if you use the built in output of the HD PVR.


There is about 1 second delay between the capture program (TotalMedia Extreme) and the TV. Meaning that if your comentating and watching the TV your voice will be 1 second ahead on the stream.

So what ur saying is that if i use a splitter, this problem would be solved? Because from what I’ve heard this problem occurs because Hauppauge is using USB 2.0.


Many people posted about the problem with the PVR. Most of them are resolved by the splitter. The program does that possibly. Most people use splitters because you’re getting the videos on 2 different screens than anything else. It is better to have you commentate when the person is actually watching the tv. The computer has to process the information regardless. The pc has to be able to strong enough to deal with it. If you’re commentating at a different area split the video out to another tv that the commentators can watch.