Blackmagic shuttle (how the fuck?)


Alrighty peeps, how in hell do I get this blackmagic shittle (lol typo but im keeping it till I find a way!) to show my xbox screen.

So far, I have an hdmi from my xbox to the shittle, then a hdmi from the shittle to the monitor. Then a usb 3 connector into my usb 3 port on pc.

It detects the device and even captures audio (shows bars moving) but for the video feed in media express it says no remote.

I hope you guys can shine some light on this lol fucking shittle!



I think the Xbox 360 (as well as most devices) has anti-piracy measures where you can’t get the video to split and once source going to a “recording device”.
Its logged deep in the software protocols for video encoding on the console

its why alot of people go for Component cable instead for HD video recording/ streaming as its a analog source and lacks the software lock.


Pretty sure this isn’t correct. I have the Shuttle and record just fine thru hdmi when on Xbox. PS3 on the other hand doesn’t work. Make sure your xbox is set to 720p and you have the correct settings set on the Black magic control panel or w/e the hell its called. Not sitting in front my streaming computer so i can’t verify and look up the settings i have. You could just probably search how to set it up on google and copy someone elses settings. Thats what i did


I am very close its basicly just to see the video, it isnt black it slike black blue so I konw it is on just no video. Ill check what u said thanks matey :slight_smile:


Once Question to you and the OP? Which model of the Xbox 360 are you using? I got a Pre-HDMI model so I can’t test this out myself.

You could be right and the feature I mentioned is only in Blyray enabled devices like the PS3.
But as strongly Microsoft apposes Piracy I don’t see them not adding this to the Xbox 360 as well (part of a mandatory update perhaps).


Er one of the newer ones 250gb hdd I believe


Think I found out what I need guys!

sighhh lol


I think Darksakul’s referring to this.

Try something with component and see if you get video. If it comes through, then it’s some handshaking issue with HDCP. If video is still not being shown, something is wrong with you “Shittle”.

It could be either or. BMI is notorious for having pretty awful drivers.


Yes, that is what I was thinking off. The HDCP handshaking issue


Know a good driver to try?


I have a slim 360 and an original white one and both stream using hdmi just fine . HDCP isn’t an issue with the xbox (atleast when gaming using the models i have)as far as i know. Again i can help more when i get to my computer and pull up the drivers and stuff i have. But i know plenty of people that stream using hdmi with the xbox and don’t have any issues so im almost 100% positive HDCP is not his issue and it is either driver related or he needs to tweek settings.


Great stuff, when you think you can get to a computer?


go in control panel and look for the black magic design control panel. Set input to hdmi video and audio and set default standard to 720p59.94. Also make sure the output of the 360 is set to 720p and not 1080i or 1080p


Already done, I just uninstalled the drivers and am waiting for some advice on which is the best version to download.


What are your PC specs which you are plugging the Shuttle into?
it is ulikely to be the blackmagic drivers as the last 4 releases have worked fine for me.


Aren’t there rules about expletives in thread titles?


Pc specs - usb3, 295gtx, i7 @4ghz, 8gb ram. windows 7

whihc do you recommend? which number?


which i7?




ah the 2600k or the 2700k sandybridge chips?

you will struggle with that. The USB 3.0 isn’t native on P67 boards and it doesn’t have enough bandwidth to use the shuttle. You will need a USB 3.0 PCIe card plugged into either a x4 or x8 slot to get it to work - i believe.