Blade And Soul PVP


First off apologies if i’m posting this in the wrong part of the forums. You know how it is on some new forums, never sure the proper place to post at times. I was thinking of posting this in Fighting discussion but i’m not 100% sure if that’s only for street fighter and other known games.

Well anyway, names Mushi…as…profile…yeah.

As the title says i’m playing a mmo named Blade & Soul that’s sort of like street fighter and tekken tag (with 3 not 2 tag in)

I’v seen a few rare post about this game while i’v searched around the forums before making this topic and none of them really showed off it’s pvp, just if the games good or not. I can tell the game is good but brokenly unbalanced sadly…will they ever fix it? Well it’s been years and i’v been playing this game since its release back in 2013 and all I can say is, NO. That’s…just how it is.

It’s 2 things i’v came to the FGC forums for and I hope some of you can respect this.

  1. Having a little fun showing off my PVP skills.
  2. Bring some FGC players to my youtube channel.

2 Is most important for me. Now, how can I make this short as possible without looking like a jackass in the process… I’m trying to get some, not some, A LOT, of viewership in america/canada. 90% of my views are from Philippines and Malaysia. This is due to my other nonfighting videos I have from other games I play. I rarely have any america/canada viewers which is not ok for me. I can’t get anywhere with the current audience I have when uploading fighting vids, they’re only interested on my side vids.

So yeah, again I hope people here can respect that or maybe give me some advice or something about this.

Back to the PVP. Here’s a video on my character hitting gold rank. Was pretty fun, till I ran into that summoner dude who obviously made a summoner for the cat.

If you like to know more about Blade & Soul PVP combat I can “try” to explain it a little, just 1 major thing you don’t want to do unless you really have no choice and that’s hitting the TAB button.

Oh right, next year the game will be in E-sports for NA/EU, no date.

  1. There’s already a thread for this game…Blade and Soul

  2. Fuck no…


I wrote out a 1000 word response to this thread but Geese Pants summarized it into two points :tup:


I think the question on everybody who was unfortunate enough to click on this thread’s mind right now is quite simple.

Who bitch dis is?


This is less of a fighting game than Smash Bro.

Hot garbage.


Um…i’m pretty sure it’s not ok to bump a 7 year old topic.

@Aki You don’t like smash??


The character in Triforce Gamemaster’s Game!

What’s her name, busted FRO zone soul glow B.O.N.E. ?


You need to message a girl on here named @Neesa. She plays this game and has never once equipped anything resembling clothing on her character.



I dunno, pming someone with “Respect mah skillz, gimme views” probably won’t give a positive reaction.

I mean I give half a shit about Blade & Soul until it became apparent that the optimization was going to stay shitty but PS02 still runs great for me and I still think this thread is only worth it for the piss taking and potential for derailing.

On that subject, can you still get coffee pepsi in America?

That shit was awesome but they stopped selling it years ago in Britain.


I like that I like that lmao.

But for real tho again apologies if i’v made a mistake I really am just trying to get noticed out here. That and show how much fun the game is. (Least till you fight the summoners…sigh)


It is on SRK.


Not when its jack frost looking for ‘pics of your ex GF’s’ like a thirsty geek squad :nono: Malnourished Gobi Desert 7 year bump.