Blade Arcus - From Shining (shining series fg)

#1 uh, okay sega


Already looks better than Dengeki Bunko.


With Sega nowadays, it’s at best a 50-50 proposition.
This game could be good or very seriously blow!

That’s a shame considering what a rich past they had with arcade fighting games and arcade games in general before the company implosion following the Dreamcast debacle… Dreamcast, the best system that ever failed!

As far Dengeki Bunko goes, it automatically has an issue with character identification. Most of the characters are from manga and anime a lot of Westerners haven’t seen. There’s a good chance more people in the US have actually played an English localization of one of Sega’s Shining games than have actually seen or read the series most of the Dengeki Bunko characters come from!


I don’t entirely agree with this. Basically, there’s a chance someone could have played a game in the Shining series before, sure, but played one of the Shining games they’re representing in this game? Probably not. None of these characters are going to be familiar to the western audience because these games either did not have a big media push out here or flat out did not release outside of Japan. I used to work at a game store, this was back in like 2009, and I saw on the shelf a Shining Force game for the PS2, and I legit had no idea they made another game after 3.

Even with the announcement of THIS game, I’ve had to explain it to people. “What the hell is Blade Arcus?” “It’s a game in the Shining series.” “What the hell is that?” “Like Shining Force?” “OH! Why are they all anime characters then?”

People in the west don’t know these characters just like they don’t know Dengeki Bunko characters. The only hope for brand recognition is some Force 1-3 representation, without that these characters might as well be in Dengeki Bunko for all anyone in the US knows.


Second-best, after the Saturn (in the west, at least).

Actually, never mind the ‘failed’ part - just the second best system!


Not Capcom? I don’t care. Kappa


Then why did you reply?

Putting that aside, I lost my mind when I saw this video yesterday.
It’s a fusion of two things I love, The shining series and fighting games.
I really hope Yogurt is a playable character. Bottom tier greatness!

All in all I’m happy to see Sega working on fighting games again. It gives me hope, however false it may be, that there could be an Eternal Champions reboot.






It seems like sega is trying to get a good amount of games to compete against Nesica and it bigger library


Samurai Shodown’s Mina + Mortal Kombat’s Motaro. Let’s go.


That’s the thought that flashed across my mind, too. ALL-Net line up is a little threadbare compared to Nesica .


Official YT mirror, 720p. Game looks pretty in 720p.


What’s next, Nintendo announcing a Fire Emblem fighting game?


Naa, Just more FE characters in Smash.


Don’t worry, this is modern day Sega, it’ll never see the light of day outside of japan unless Sonic gets in as a guest character or something so brand recognition over here doesn’t mean ****.


what about…ugh…mechanics? Have someone translated this
or is everybody too busy talking about graphics/the character they want to be there?


New Video showing gameplay up

Cue complains that it looks too slow… Doesn’t help that they only show one char jumping, so I can’t tell if everyone has that floaty jump.


There are at least 4 characters jumping in that trailer though


but they all look the same