Blade Stranger: new FG for Switch from Nicallis



Yay, Solange from Code of Princess!

Really butthurt that Nicalis is publishing it. Want to support the game, don’t want to support Nicalis.

So whats up with Nicalis?

Game looks nice and Alie looks cute. A bit slow looking though.

they do crummy ports and don’t release them in all regions. Like think about a 100% english translated game not being available in UK/Aus for years or even ever when it’s digital.

Yeah They dont seem to do a great job at that front…but man am I excited for this game. its goign with the whole “simple fighter” that phantom breaker long perfected and what fantasy strike is failling. It’ll be interesting to see how this handles.

besides being a new fighter. I do love code of princess characters.

Wasn’t Nicalis suppose to port Yatagarasu to the Vita? It still hasn’t come out.

It reminds me of Aquapazza and Koihime Enbu.

Which is a good thing.

Fuck DBFZ, Umihara in a fighting gameeeeee! Want to speedrun fools up.

It moved to PS4 and Xbox One. That hasn’t came out either. I made a video about why you shouldn’t support Legend of Raven, that video was almost 2 years ago. They also bought their way on the team of 90’s Arcade Racer and effectively had that game cancelled. They’re the biggest trash indie studio/publisher out there and I wished I could have went the rest of my life without giving them a penny. I might still end up buying this game but I’m pissed buying this game would be supporting Nicalis.

Curly Brace? Umihara Kawase? Now I’m intrigued…

Some new (really short) footage, from a few weeks ago:

Aight, here’s a bunch of new stuff coming through. Brace yourself!

Cover art:

Short Kawase combo:

Short Master T combo:

Short Curly combo:

And finally, a 30 min video with some game footage from a meetup with Examu and Studio Saizensen:

It’s a shame how this game is barely getting coverage at all.

Also, there’s a Reddit and a Discord.

Outside of what Takaya-san (Examu) & Team Saizensen shows, there’s really nothing else we could know about it. Lord knows Nicalis isn’t going to say anything cause usually they don’t even know whats going on themselves. <_<

Code of Princess is being ported to Switch, they should bring it to PS4 too.

so Blade Strangers seems like it could be cool

they say 2017, though when exactly on PS4?

location testing

Been having fun with the game, the only issue I’ve seen so far is one character’s move list has extension details in another language (I think chinese but I’m not sure and unable to check at the moment). I made a day 1 vid showing examples from overhead, jump in and low for Kawase.


far better than what day 3 people are doing which is blowing meter for 5. their flash but unoptimize and other are doing 4E combo which are impractical as hell.

only issue is that 4E+S starter is’t
the most practical starter. even with 4E+S projectile invul.

one bnb from low confirm.

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I made a vid with some to of the games oddities in play, cancelling to universal overhead remains an overhead and in certain situations will combo. You can combo from throw for one meter using the power hit mechanic, which allows you to cancel anything that isn’t a super or a command throw.

I’ll probably experiment a bit with Noko or Shovel Knight next.

I made a video explaining the combo system, if you have any questions please ask, I will attempt to answer in a timely manner but I’m likely to be playing dragon quest at least til the weekend when I’ll likely make a SNK Heroine vid or two (also will be playing Spiderman at some points after it drops).