Blah Makoto.....

She’s stupid. :sad:

Which super art is better to use on her? I’m really thinking about switching to SA3 on her. Usually I use SA2, but it’s kinda hard to keep her pinned and limit where she goes and ish.


Against a Makoto that picks SA1, she can reverse you [like Ken] if you spam EX slashes/go past one slash.

SA3 is pretty much only used if you’re confident you can corner the other person. Seiei enbu is a good pressure tool if used correctly, and even if it’s wasted you gain it back fairly quickly, provided you didn’t lose it full screen away.

This shouldn’t be too bad of a matchup, since slashes out-prioritize almost everything she does on the floor.

If you’re having trouble keeping her pinned, then there is no real reason to be using SA3. Unlike against Hugo/maybe some other people, you can’t really get away with a random activation -> attack. If you can’t pin them down, SA3 becomes useless. Its corner game is where all the [relatively weak] damage comes from. SA2 gives you to the option of walk up EX, or pretty much EX off of any short/jab that connects. Can’t do that repeatedly/quickly with SA3. But if you’re able to pin down Mak, then SA3’s usefulness shows itself.

I think the knowledge of the matchup is something that I have not looked at too much.

This guy uses SA2 I believe.

Some things I have been able to exploit though generally is walk up EX whenever I do use SA2 on him, or trying to bait something on reaction. I dont really know what to bait though.

Im pretty confident with my SA3 skill now though, I can use that on anyone now and be successful with it. Even though the damage potential isnt that of SA2, I pretty much can get the most out of it on most occaisions.




Yes, that match where J was on fire should OBVIOUSLY be the standard for which the difficulty of all Yang v Makoto matches is based on. :confused:


Still isn’t too bad of a matchup for Yang.

the only GOOD makoto players can play her random most people have a very simple pattern c.short > hayate and ofcourse dash karakusa, try not to tech roll because you’ll take a kara karakusa in the face that if they can do it i think yang is a very good character and a fun match up just try to keep her zoned if you can and punish every whiff with as much dmg as possible but then again you can say that about any match up ^^

If you’re really getting pressured, the only thing I can think of is use your chain combos or if your desperate, take a gamble and do a wake-up ex-senkyuutai - I’m not sure, but I’m thinking it’s possible for makoto to karakusa you out of it though, so it might even escalate to using SA2 on wake-up.

I’m not too familiar with the match-up myself, but I have had the unfortunate pleasure of getting my ass handed to me by kimmicks. It was a traumatizing experience to say the least; kara-command grab on wake-up and then if I try to jump away on wake-up, I might get caught with a hayate followed by another for a juggle. It’s easy to get overwhelmed it seems, but I think that if you can score a knockdown, set up an offensive and keep at it, dictating the pace of the match, you can come away with the win.

Ex-roll on wake-up is really good if she’s right next to you. If she have the right distance between you on wake-up, she can grab you out of any roll, even SA2. But a whiffed roll kick is like a whiffed dp, except worse since Yang takes such bad damage.