Blake's (Drawing) Thread!

I’m new to the forum, I’m an artist that’s quickly finding a renewed interest in character design and video game art in general.
But most particularly the artwork found in fighting games!

I’ll be posting anything from sketches to finished works here. For now, I’m only working in traditional graphite, charcoal and ink, however I plan to expand to color work and soon after digital med


Here’s my [/"]blog]([img) I started for inspiration purposes that showcases different fighting game artwork.
I hope you guys enjoy whatever I throw out here, for now it’s admittedly not much because I’m just working my way back into this art style.
This is a scan to start things off from my sketchbook of an observational sketch I did from official SSF4 artwork:


Feel free to reply with feedback, questions or project proposals,


I was watching NY ink and playing third strike all night: