BlakMind's Art Thread

After the reception I got for some of my pixel sprite work, I thought I might aswell put up some of my regular work.

As you’ll notice nearly all my work is finished line work as my pencils are never to a finished standard as when i’m happy with the way a piece is turning out, I go straight into inking, and then refine my inks some more through Photoshop. (i.e more inking)

Also you are going to notice that my work rate is slow as fuck, i’ve babbled too much, anyway, i’m gonna drop some work this way.

First a reinvisioning of my character “tauros” that you can compare to here:

reworked tauros

micman (mic for short)

venom, carnage and toxin (updated)

kazuya (messed up his hair)

the piece i submitted to the udon sf tribute

saya from blood

I like that Saya shes an awesome character.

the symbiotes are intense… lots of energy in that drawing. It’d be nice to see some thicker line weights around the individuals to separate them a bit more. nice work.

i really like carnage’s face on that venom pic

Dear Blak,

Hot artwork.



I’ll get around to it, I was originally gonna colour the piece so i didn’t put too much emphasis on the weights.

Thanks, i had to rework his face so many times due to him being bio-mass all over, so i decided on leaving his face clean for the lines.

Women and Girls aren’t my specialty but i will practice, and hopefully i’ll have “BIG BRESSED” women up here :bgrin:

Alright bro CALM DOWN, I made a tutorial for you. FOLLOW IT CAREFULLY AND YOU’LL BE A PRO IN NO TIME:

< img deleted by rook >

:qcf: + TITS

major LOL at your av

some more pieces

hd sized sprite avatar

haven’t got a name for this wrestler yet


Awesome works Blakmind. :cool:

The HD sprite really caught my eye. You got that shit on lock.

for reals!

some more for ya.

naruto performing rasengan

rock lee
lines by the artist TUS
colours added by me

Those Naruto pieces look fierce.

Keep up the keep up BlakMind.

i always end up posting right under Sasmasta:mad:

anyways, i really love your style Blakmind. keep it up and practice on your lady drawings

You should color in that Saya.

hey I dig the crispness of these. shit’s hot. If I were you, I would mass the darks more and keep a more consistent light source. Keep your shapes as simple as possible so the light source will read more clearly.

…dude you are AWESOME.

your piece of naruto reminds me a lot of chamba’s pieces.
good shit, man. i also love the black and white drawings and the slight worm’s eye view on your villain characters

Thanks Toko, for it to remind you of some of chamba’s pieces means alot, chamba manages to show some real energy in his pieces that I wish for my pieces to have aswell.

Anyway, I decided to slap some colours onto my symbiote piece.

The best part about your work is: You manage to retain your own style, regardless of who you are drawing I cannot mistake your work for someone else’s(perhaps you have influence from someone but everyone does).

Another good thing is you still look back on pixel art. Keep up the good work.