Blaming everything on "scrubs"


I’ve noticed that everytime any of the newer fighting games gets a certain update or patch everyone blames the “scrubs”. Most of these so called “scrubs” are just casual players who dont take the game too seriously. Nothing wrong with that games arent meant to take seriously in the first place. Unless you are actually making money by winning big tourneys like Jwong and the other Pro’s in the scene.

Many times, these guys who call these casuals “scrubs” arent even that great themselves. I’m not saying they are bad by any means, but not great or even tournament worthy. I really dont know why they feel the right to call others “scrubs” when infact they arent even that good themselves (they know who they are). Not everyone in the community does this. So no i’m not saying everyone is guilty of this.

Now lets get into the meat of this topic. Without these “scrubs” there wouldnt be any SF4, Marvel 2 Online Edition (not really the name of it, but you know what I mean) SSf4, and of course Marvel 3.

You’re probably like “huh? what do “scrubs” have to do with any of this?”

It’s simple, these “scrubs” keep these companies alive with their money. Do you guys honestly believe (the ones who feel high and mighty and not scrub material) that you are so special that Capcom is gonna make a game just for you? Haha! hell no! Maybe, if you guys made up like atleast 60% of those who bought a copy of SF4 then I can see Capcom making the game just for YOU.

As it stands now the true hardcore community is waaaaay too small to make SF4 a success when it comes to numbers (where it counts as a company).

I’ll make it even more simple. If the hardcore players were the only ones who bought SF4 there wouldnt be a SSF4 or even a Marvel 3. The hardcore community is only about 20% of the whole SF4 community. I’m being nice there too. I bet its’ smaller than that.

Capcom is VERY aware of this. Lets take SF3 for example. It’s no secret that SF3 is pure fail to capcom when it comes to the numbers. Sure third strike is a great game with great animations and polish, but it was a little too hardcore and not “scrub” friendly at all. So only that 20% bought or showed interest in the game hence killing off SF for good (or for atleast 10 years).

Capcom is a company and as such they mostly care about the “numbers”. I know it shouldnt be that way, but that’s how it is. Hey, they have to eat too right?

GG (Guilty Gear) is another good example of this. The game is beautiful to look at (atleast back then) but it’s soo hardcore that it turns EVERYONE away from it. Hell, I used to play GG back in the day, but the ammount of things that you must learn is tooo much for a normal person lol. They tried fixing this by making BB (BlazBlue) and succeeded for the most part. BB is still a very hard game compared to the capcom games though. That’s why it’s not as popular.

So yea, in short. Without the “scrubs” paying their hard earned 60 bucks plus tax we wouldnt have SF4 or any of the current fighting games that we have now.

We should tone down this “Ohhhh ****ing scrubs” mentality a bit.

I love SF4, SSF4 and Marvel 3. Without the casual players such games would not exist. Because it simply would not be worth the time and effort on capcom’s part because only a few people (the hardcore players) would buy it. Making it a fail project like SF3.

Anyways, just thought I get that off my chest. For the record, i’m not really a “scrub” or a hardcore player. Mainly cuz I dont have time for fighting games only. I play all kinds of games including MMO’s so obviously I dont have time to be a “hardcore” Marvel 3 player.

However, I do like to progress and make myself better at it insted of whining or blaming the other player for my losses. This comes from my back in the day days when I used to love going out to arcades and battle people on Xmen vs street fighter. The days where you had your opponent right next to you and you couldnt whine or send hate mail to people lol.

Lastly, you dont have to thank the casual players. But just keep in mind that it’s mostly because of their money that we are actually getting these new awesome games :slight_smile:


blaming shit on scrubs is the SRK way


casual gamers ARE fighting game scrubs tho. so blaming it on them is not a lie. get over it.


Meh, beginners are free points. I blame everything on crappy formula and turtle players.


Agreed. This topic wasnt about changing that. Anyone with half a brain knows what this is about. I’ll spell it out for you once again though since you obviously didn’t grasp it the first time.

Without the “scrubs” you wouldn’t have Marvel 3 right now. Is that simple. Why? It’s there in my first post read again if you missed it. (I wouldnt doubt it xD)


They are paying for the game you wanna play and then the company makes new ones so the so-so called “JARKOR GAMURZ” be happy…


you mad?

idgaf what they pay for. they pay for the game to be made, not for how we play it. the whole “THEY GIVE MONEY SO WE HAVE TO MAKE IT FOR THEM” is pointless, since the casual fighting game scrub wont even be playing mvc3 anymore in 6 months, leaving the people who WILL play the game hardcore stuck with a shitty game.

but regardless, idk why i post in this forum when i dont even play this game. so i wont press any further


Your getting it all wrong. Beginners don’t stand a chance in hell and if you lose to beginners then you are one. Any change is to help the players who rely on assist mix ups and long combos, those who played long enough to know how to do something but not sure how to put it to effective use.


Still they are paying for make it… Business are business

Also, I’m explaining you the same the good guy said in the first post but toned down so you can understand… I’m not even mad.


I dont think no one is “mad” here besides you Nick. It’s obvious that you do not know how a company works or operates. Your kind "the guys who think they are l33t when they really aren’t xD) dont make a high% of the actual community as a whole. This goes for the TRUE hardcore players and the TRUE pro’s of this game. If they were the only ones who bought SF4, there wouldnt be another SF4, Marvel 3, or even a Tekken x SF.

SF4 would have turned into another SF3 for capcom. You are not important to Capcom. As long as they get their money they are happy and that’s all that matters to them.

So just get over yourself and face the facts :slight_smile:


Simple solution to get rid of needing scrubs: charge more for your game. If hardcore players are, indeed, 20% of the audience (no idea if this is an accurate number), then Capcom should make a game for the hardcore audience and charge $300 for it. Capcom is scared to do that, and rightfully so, because they would get no end of complaining and the reviewers would say that it isn’t worth $300, because it isn’t worth that much to them. As long as games charge mainstream prices, they’ll need to have mainstream appeal. You’re more likely to see a small company with a $20 game budget make a hardcore game and charge $60 for it.


ah yes the classic “i believe that scrubs have an in-depth understanding of game design and would not buy the game if it was hard” guy who somehow does not understand that marketing is almost the only relevant factor in the sales of a videogame. everyone congratulate userid 122870 on the great thread. nominate for article. repost at crapcom-unity


What facts? Get off your high horse.

Have you ever seen Never Going Pro? It features this guy spamming sentinel’s armor moves and “scrubs” just end up running up to his sentinel and lose for free. And everyone watching the stream just laughs at how stupid the people losing are.

The actual facts are, we wouldn’t have an mvc3 without those guys, but that doesn’t make them any less stupid.


I like this. I sure as hell wont pay 300 for a game, but I like the fact that you know exactly what i’m talking about and seem to undesrtand that it is what it is.

The 20% was just a quick estimate. I dont think anyone knows the true percentage. However from what i’ve seen is rather low. There’s only a handfull of TRUE hardcore players out there. Us who have been playing fighting games since the arcade days know this better than anyone else.

Capcom should make a game for HARDCORE players only and charge double for it. It sounds stupid, but it can be a “cure” then these so called “hardcore” players can play without having scrubs whine about top tier characters and such. That way they are the only one with the say so.


Not really, give or take everyone is a beginner at first. Those who don’t get good enough to deal with unfair game play are the ones who complain about getting advantages that help them beat new comers. Not really sure what you mean by a hardcore game? I’m guessing a 99999999999 hit combo or some shit.


IMHO, nerfing Sentinel hurts scrubs more than it helps them.


Ya, i’ve seen that guy’s stream before. I understand that it’s funny and all, but that has nothing to do with my topic.

“The actual facts are, we wouldn’t have an mvc3 without those guys”

Then why are you trying to argue with me when we both agree on the same subject? That’s all I wanted to get across to you guys. In the end we need these “scrubs” otherwise big companies like Capcom wont make our games because with just us we wont make them enough money. The casuals are the ones who make em the big bucks.

You can laugh and bash “scrubs” all day long just keep in mind that you are playing Marvel 3 because of them :slight_smile:


this, hardcore gamers should not give a damn about the patch cause they understand the game and can adapt and evole their game to compensate for the health nerf
seriously, all this crying for sentinel is stupid


The actual hardcore population is probably close to 1%, if you define it as people who still play the game after 6 months.

The tournament-going hardcore probably 1% of that 1%, or less.


Cause I think it’s pointless.

Everyone knows that scrubs also have a foothold into the design in this game. That’s why, lvl 3 x factor, the actual offender in this game, will never be nerfed.