Blank Arcade Sticks in UK

Hi, this is announcement to all members from the uk!

Having spent weeks trying to get hold of a SFIV arcade stick and failing i decided, like many of you on here to make my own.

Now having made boxes for myself and many of my mates im now offering them on ebay for 24.99!!:wow: I currently have 10 blank boxes left ready for shipping.

These Basic boxes come with:
297mm x 210mm (A4) top panel
Plexi top and bottom panels
8x 30mm drilled holes (6 button layout to be added soon)
Recessed hole for Sanwa Jlf type joystick (flat mounting plate)
3x 24mm recessed holes on front
4x anti scratch feet

More boxes are in pipeline, better woods, different layouts etc…

Please have a look and feel free to ask me any questions!! If any of you buy one id love to hear your feedback!! :smile:|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

Ps. Thanks SRK for all the info a custom stick builder could eva need, these forums rock!!

very nice job!

they look great, would have been nice to have a six button option

is there somewhere for your cable to come out of the box?

what kind of wood did you use?

Great work - if these had been available a month ago I wouldn’t now be tool collecting, apprentice chippy!

edit: Is the top mdf panel glued in - cant see any fixings for it

hey man i am interested , the top panel is a4 , so would a a4 printout cover the surface area of the top completly, also what wood is the box’s made out of.

could you slide in a a4 piece of paper, onto the top panel and take a photo?

Hi thanks slichern,
Six button layout on the way…

That picture is of an early box, all boxes now come with a small hole for cable on the front!
The top panels are glued but also have two small screws to securely fix it down.

These are what id call basic boxes, made from pine wood!!

Thanks again for your comments!!

Hi yes a regular A4 piece of paper fits fine!!
Ill get some pics up tomoz with some example artwork.

thanks alfa i get paid tommorow, after you post the artwork i will be able to purchase tommorow night, good on you bro, from the ones i seen on ebay the craftmanship looks A*.
i just want to see with artwork or a plain a4 piece of paper and i’ll be over the moon.


i am interested in one of these but i live in germany. could u also ship there and if so what would it cost?
btw: great work

Nice I might buy one how solid are they ? is it just cheap pine with basic wood glue holding it all together ?

More pictures please. Im interested but I really need to see some bigger pictures so I can inspect the case a bit more. Ideally wanted a 6 button layout but who says I need to use all 8 holes eh?

Get some better quality pictures up buddy and it may help you shift a few more.

Those are nice. Do you ship to the U.S.? I don’t see it as a shipping option on your auction listing.

These look really nicely made, well done! :tup:

I still enjoyed making mine personally but I’m seriously considering buying one of yours instead of making a second :bgrin:

Looks interesting!! I might get one :smiley:

looks great :slight_smile:
can you fit a Semitsu LS-32(-01) ?

I’m also wondering if you must screw the stick and how do you do it ?
is there some holes to screw the stick ?

and do you ship to France ?

good job , they look awesome!

Im defo interested, these are the cheapest price boxes ever! Better quality pictures would be great

On second thoughts, if I bought a case and supplied the parts, could you build the stick for me?

Do you have bigger pictures? And can you ship to France?

I’d be all over this if you decide to ship to Sweden

Looks like you have to drill your own hole for the 360 headset jack

isnt pine a bit soft for cases? always found it marked kinda easy

but tbh at 30 quid a pop delivered its dirt cheap and a nice solution for people wanting a stick

should do well with these for potentially under 85 you have a custom stick with sanwa parts ready to play

good luck with it mate


Im now offering international shipping to USA, Canada & Europe.
6 Button layout boxes will be ready early next week.

Also here are some more pics as requested: