Blank wooden joystick cases?


I am looking for a blank wooden joystick case. Preferably mahogany or rosewood but will consider others. Every time I click on a link here, it tells me it’s broken. I can’t seem to find any info on where to buy one. Please help.


I believe @magocyber is still making them. I think he’s the only reputable one left here who sells them.


He closed up shop too. Sad to say since he made such high quality cases. Foehammer still sells blanks.


Didn’t catch that, and I forgot about FH. FH makes really nice looking cases, but they’re a bit pricey IMO. Still a much better option (in terms of cost effectiveness) for most people than buying all the tools to make a nice one.


Yeah there aren’t many options for wooden cases atm. You can try the trading outlet here. Here’s a listing for a Purple Heart FE WTS Shadow Jago/XboxOne Day One Card


thanks, gonna go look him up


Check with @Mekishiko , he’s also stopped making cases, but he did have some old stock when I was looking for cases a few months ago: WTS Blank HAPP and Sanwa style joystick enclosures

His box has nice simple & clean design, and very tight tolerances.


Not a fan of it. Mine has to be wood. It has to be redwood or mahogany. I am pretty picky. It needs to match my chess set haha


Says his blank cases are solid hardwood but if you request a different wood he might be able to work something out.


On his facebook it seems he is not taking any orders at the moment. The only one I could think of is foehammer right now. On his site it does not have what you are looking for but just like Tensho said contact him and request mahogany or redwood.


I bet they’ve all been waiting 3 years to know that.


Back to get this on topic, what are other alternative case builders active at the moment? For those of us who can’t afford FoeHammer cases.


Wood? None at the moment. Most of the case builders in the past did this as a side hobby sort of thing and various factors or pressures lead them to quit.
Few do this as an on going business, mostly due to people giving them a hard time and not acknowledging that such small scale sticks are not easy or cheap to produce.
There also alot of time, space and money that need to be invested for a decent shop/ work area to build sticks. Quality power tools, Drill presses, routers, table saws, CnC Machines and such are not cheap.

You can get an DIY acrylic/plexy Case from Art’s Hobbies/ Tek Innovations
Metal Panzer Cases from Jasen Hicks at Jasen Customs

Otherwise you can find a cheaper stick with substandard parts like the Venom or Mayflash sticks or a older non working stick.


@devastator makes Sticks. I don’t think he is currently making custom projects. But he will make like a batch of various sticks and drill any button layout for you. His prices are fantastic


I got a foehammer ps3 stick I might be interested in getting rid of for the right price.


Pics Hodo? I’m just looking for an enclosure, I’ve got spare pushbuttons and a joystick.




Hold that thought!

Then take that shit to the Trading Outlet.


I would but I’m not allowed to post in there get. I have less than 50 posts. I’m married with a kid. Lol… Didn’t have much time to hang out in the forums enough.


If I sell, it’ll be the entire ps3 stick, I probably won’t part it out and sell the case alone.