Please upload some pics, that might help.


I had the same problem a few months back and had to ask Gummowned. If you’re not using the extended battery with extended battery assembly, then you need to run a ground wire to the leo board - I went from the back of the battery connector (solder) to the ground screw terminal.

As far as the ribbon, it is resilient enough to withstand being plugged/unplugged a few times. I thought I bent it too far at the point above the pins while connecting and disconnecting, but it works fine. Did you mean the gold became exposes on a previously covered area?


im at school right now, will upload pics soon. Can you show me the gnd wire thing you just told me on a pic?


So, i put a little wire on the screw terminal, and the other one on the “-” soldering part where the battery holder thing used to be. Was that the one? It kinda worked.

Kinda because it didnt work, but if I touched it with my finger, it did work. Or is it another place where I must solder it? Thanks!

pics of cable and leo v2 here:

leo v2:


It is easier with assembled photos of the board. I’m pretty sure the ribbon cable is fine.
IMG_0003 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! is one of the points you can solder to on the sixaxis board, and you can run the other end to any ground screw terminal on the Leo itself.


did the wire thing, and it works now!

did most of the wiring, missing home button and stick directions, and itell be done! yay!

Ill upload it later, and put it on the stick thread



No worries. Glad to hear it worked!