Blanka Artworked FS3 modded stick for sale/trade


Yeah I have one that I made and am really looking to get a ssfiv te and put new artwork on one of those. If there are any huge blanka fans that like this stick hit me up with offers:D.

has the default stick for the FS3 because my LS-33 was backordered so I just cancelled to complete the mod without it. All seimitsu buttons PS-14-KN 6x clear, 2x clear orange; seimitsu LB-39 bubbletop orange

I’m looking to trade or sell this so that I can get a TE and mod that; this is a PS3 stick btw


Must post a price, no offers.

Is it wired with QD’s or no?


oh yes, wired with QDs and I’m looking for prob like $120-150

I can post pics of the inside wiring and such for anyone that cares to see.

I really wanna sell this off so I can get a SSFIV TE and mod that


I don’t think anybody will spend 120 - 150 on that. No offense, I’m sure you spent a lot of time and effort to mod and design it but for that money, they can just pick up a TE that’s better and more customizable in any way.


well thats why I said to message with offers or post with them because I am definitely flexible


:frowning: sadface; nobody seems interested


Real talk, you gonna get about $40-$50 for it, man. IMO, anyway.

IMO I’d keep it, it’s a great little portable stick to keep with you at tournaments if you need another one for whatever reason. Button(s)/Joystick on your main stick go out, or if somebody needs a stick to borrow, etc.


You could get around 80 if it had a jlf stick in it


the stick + parts = more than 80 not to mention my time spent doing good wiring and artwork job


Sadly nobody can appreciate it more than yourself. Anybody who buys it will want to only pay a portion of what you did. That’s why Cobra said it’s better if you just keep it.


well I am debating new artwork + putting in the LS-33 semitsu stick; i just don’t know because the JLF feels great on TEs, but the LS-33s I’ve used are just as good…i really like the weight of TEs