Blanka as a non-Charger - Beast or Fail?

lets say blanka would become a character with motion inputs instead of charge moves. would that makes him stronger or weaker or it wont change him at all.

i’d say it would make him a true beast and his combos would improve a lot and new combos could be discovered.

btw, this has nothing to do with preference for charger or non-charger.

** new move set**

Electricity: :dp: + :p: or :2p: for EX
Beast Roll: :qcf: + :p: or :2p: for EX
Up-Ball: :rdp: + :k: or :2k: for EX
Rainbow Roll: :db::d::df::f::uf: + :k: or :2k: for EX
Super: 2x:qcf: + :p:
Ultra 1: 2x:qcf: + :3p:
Ultra 2: 2x:qcf: + :3p: (Anti Air) or 2x:qcf: + :3k: (Ground Attack)

Definately prefer charge. If he had a roll move I say it should be hop or maybe a new roll like rainbow roll but instead of a hit he does a grab or slide.

if he was a roll charecter he would be over powerd.

Then ppl might have a reason to really hate Blanka like they do.

well, he’d get adjusted properly so he can’t make a rolling loop or such things. rolls would be still punishable on block if you try to abuse them. basically most of his timings wouldn’t change. but he could become a much offensive character. certainly his combos would be a lot more effective. sure, you may adjust the damage for electricity down a bit because he could do it a lot easier :wink:

yep. the only thing stopping Blanka from being a God-like character is the time to recharge another blanka ball.

Just imagining myself doing constant jab blanka balls as some kind of dash w/ hitblocks seems madd SFII:Rainbow Edition.

There is a video of Guile hacked on PC to have command inputs for his moves, absolutely broken. Can’t seem to find it but I know it was on youtube.

You guys are forgetting something though:

Command moves = no back+down charge = less turtling/blocking. Also it would probably be “harder” to spam electricity.

People hate Blanka because he plays keepaway and a lot of people turtle with him. Being a command character would change that. Of course he would still be a pain to deal with just for the instant beast rolls that require no charge time.

as for the instant rolling… pre-charge and you can do this already. blanka would keep his recovery times. well, minor adjustment to make the damn balls safe on hit.

think about it: standing light punch into electric… this would be soooo much easier :bgrin:

honestly… it’ll make him better however his weakness is more or less the same…

the combos are pretty much the same it’s just a tad easier to do… because all the hard combos is really because it’s 1FS… the problem doesn’t really lie in the charge…

the only major benefit i see in this is

  1. you can do and of the roll attack without staying in one place making his footsie game tremendously better…
    counter: opponent play more turtly… and the game is still basically more or less the same for blanka.
  2. no charge uproll will means that you can anti air better you can now have a strong anti air walking backwards without a super… unlike before.
  3. fake roll game will be better since you don’t need to charge at all so… so you can say more shennengans…

however… blanka will still lose when…

A) the opponent have life lead and a extremely solid defense… sure fake rolling and better footsie helps but it’s not the solution.
B) option select owns blanka…
C) corners still owns blanka
D) option select + corner + opponent life lead still = death.

some of the other stuff like standing light punch to electricity it’s already easy enough… if you find that hard… you should really practice more.


Actually a roll move for electricity instead of 5 punches would be insanely good. You wouldn’t have to jab into electricity, It’d just be 4+ frames then zap. No waiting on whatever move to buffer or canacel into it. Awesome for anti-air and anti-poke. After they learn to hit low than you counter with HP.

Blanka would be able to easily combo j. Hk, st. mp, cr. Mk, hp ball for big damage. Also his zoning and footsies would be incredible being able to do up ball and elec on command… Honestly, he would easily be top tier if this was to ever happen…

He’d be broken as fuck.

Watch any pro-blankas. Hop mix up oki with no charge. You fucking kidding me?

I play Zangief. The only thing that you can do is predict blanka balls and cornering him. instant ex-rainbow ball out…yeah no thanks.