blanka ball

wat move do i use after someone uses the blanka ball and i block it i just picked up terry in a groove combofeind style :slight_smile:

I just rush after it. I dont use any specials. A crazy barrage of lps and lks!

im using a groove no run is there anyway i can cc him after or before

I think it shows A-Terry post Blanka Ball in the fuck Blanka vid, or it might be in DJ B-13’s vid

looked up gunters site and its not in the fuck blanka video wear dj. b-13 cuz people are really on the abuse with that ball lol

Just buster wolf it. You get full hits and can juggle, and A-Terry can build that meter back up fast.

I have a question, when someone uses the blanka ball and i rising tackle it can i activate and use a CC in time?

if it’s a hard punch rising tackle. maybe even medium.