Blanka beginners guide

Ahoi all,

I’ve just started playing Blanka been compiling a bunch of links/videos to make a guide that anybody can look at and become proficient using Blanka with. Here’s what I have so far.

Does anybody know of any other good resources that I could add?

Is english your first language?

Yes…? I speak others as well, hence the spelling on “ahoi”

I think you’re already aware of all the places to find materials for your guide… if you want more specific tips you can find them on this forum as you have already notice… what you put in your guide is really up to you…

A lot of the materials on this forum can be biased… due to the players people fight against, how outspoken the writer is and half the time people talk theory more than they actually play…

so if you really wanna do a guide you can simply read through the forum…

As a basic guide… I’m not sure what you consider basics and not… I think the Eventhubs guide on Blanka is a really good basics guide… however others might wanna know more indepth with certain match up and they might consider that part of basics… then there are even more stuff like basic gimmicks… or how to do electricity… I would consider that as a basic…

anyways… not sure if starting a Blanka guide now is the best idea… however if you plan to finish the guide when the new update/patch comes out might be a good idea… then throw in some updated information as well…

good luck on your guide


“The shoryuken forums on Blanka- with information/clarification on everything you could be wondering about Seth.”


Start Here - Into to Blanka

I dunno your guide isn’t much of a guide and that video is crazy outdated.

I don’t really know what to say though.