Blanka block strings



CvS2 Blanka has the most blocked strings in the history of SF

Yes, he does have block strings.

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but anyway I’ll give you some tips…

First Blanka has a ridiculous amount of blocked strings, but he doesn’t have many combos so many of them can be reversaled. If they start throwing out reversals (if you’re playing online you probably don’t ever have to worry about this), this is when you play smart and leave out an attack and punish the reversal with his half screen C.Fierce punch or Blanka ball or super etc…

These are the combos that I know work(not mentioning about counter hits obviously because we are talking blocked attacks), so if timed right they can’t reversal in between attacks.

Meaty S.Strong->S.Jab

I’ll give you a few examples of some blocked strings…

C.Short->C.Foward->C.Short->C.Fierce->Jab Ball->C.Fierce
C.Short x 3 ->S.Jab ->C.Fierce

Blanka’s normals almost always win against normals if he has frame advantage (even against jabs) so people can’t really jab there way out of block strings that don’t combo.
Fierce punch is a good finisher to blocked strings because this is CvS2…

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I like to do:

c. short x 3, s. rh
c. forward, c. short, s. strong, slide

I also like to turtle.

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