Blanka BnB's

I’m relatively new to CvS2 so please bear with me;Any help would be nice.

Are there any consistent Bnb’s to use with Blanka? Blocked chains? Thank you for the help in advance.

I like Blanka.

Some basics you’ll want to know:

-c.LK is Blanka’s hands down most useful ground attack. It hits around mid level (but must be blocked low); it has far range; short, short animation time at only 14 frames total; is cancelable into special AND super; and most importantly, it gives +5 frame advantage on the block. Learn to love this move.

The only downside is that the startup is a little slow at 4 four frames. A good, fast crouching light attack would be something like Chun-li’s d.LP at 2 frames. Disregard that though, as the way Blanka outranges almost all other characters with his normals more than makes up for a slow d.LK. Besides, it’s the fastest low attack he has. d.MK doesn’t hit until 5 and has a punishable 11 frames of recovery.

-s.LP. This move is an extremely fast 2 frame attack that hits mid on all characters. When you’re comboing off a d.LK, use this move as all off Blanka’s guaranteed combos involve links. When you want to punished an opponent’s blocked move too. For example, Bison’s 2-hit scissor kick. s.LP is literally twice as easy to hit with than d.LK in this instance.

This move isn’t as good as d.LK when blocked. It only gives +2 on the hit or block. Remember which light attack to use in which situations.

-d.HK is one of the best sweeps in the game. It has 7 frames of startup, but has FAR range and is only -3 on the block (leaving it completely safe). Keep in mind most sweeps have -15 recovery, so Blanka’s sweep is awesome.

(These don’t chain, but are relatively consistent and easy 3 frame links…)
-d.LK, s.LP xx super/HP ball
-d.LK, s.LP xx HK up ball

(A more advanced, but extremely useful, link)
-MEATY close s.MP, d.HK
You have to time the s.MP so it hits with the very last frames as the opponent is getting up, then you knock them down again with a sweep. Remember this combo will only work with a meaty hit…

Blocked string:
-d.LK, d.LK, d.HK
A lot of people to do d.LK, s.LP, d.HK but that is wrong. Remember s.LP only gives +2, and sweep hits in 7, so there is a 5 frame window for the opponent to escape. d.LK on the other hand gives +5, so there is a much tighter 2 frame window when you do d.LK, d.HK instead.

-Use far s.MP a lot too. You get +5 on the hit or block with this move as well. This is a superior move to stick out over d.MK in my opinion. Keeps the opponent out, so you can harass them with sweeps, slides, and crouching fierces.,, c.lp, HP Ball. All you need really, up close switch the c.lp for an s.lp. People say linking c.shorts is hard blah blah, but all it takes is timing practice, I get it like 90% just pressing the buttons.



Um anyway, as punishment, do cr MP -> b,f,b+P
Without meter, do cr MK -> b, f+HP
When they’re dizzy, do jump HK, cr lk, st lp, b, f+HP. This is not as easy as it looks on paper.

Otherwise as those guys said.

Thanks alot for the tips. I kinda figured that I would just get flamed for asking a question like that.

Hey I noticed that alot of the regulars posting here are from the San Jose/ Mountain View area; where do you guys go to play?
Thanks again


how do you link into blanka’s super off a crossup? ive tried holding the charge and switching direction of the charge and it never works!!! i lose so much damage from sucking at crossup-super links :frowning:

From the crossup you could do x2, c.lp lv3. but even I would say that’s pretty hard.

i find it easy to link a super off of his standing lp. it’s definately easier than a crouching lk. don’t know why but i tend to cag that way too much.

You need to do the’s first to get a charge, because you lose it off the crossup. Not sure if s.lp works but if it does then that would be easier than c.lp.

im pretty sure crossup, s.lp doesnt link into super

The combo works. Viscant does crossup j.MK, d.LK, s.LP xx regular ball to Ohnuki on the Evo dvd. Pretty good.

how do you hold the joystick for that? or do you try to do the, s.lp as slow as you can?

I dunno. I can’t do that impossibly hard crap myself… :lol:

That’s why I said to watch viscant do it.

Strangely, I don’t find that combo to be particularly difficult (and I’m certainly no expert.)

My tips:
1.) press c. lk immediatly after the crossup connects (of course)
2.) pause for a moment after the c. lk hits (it’s a longer wait than you might initially expect)
4.) slide the stick to away and press lp
5.) keep lp held down (to avoid negative edge) and complete the blanka ball

or just hold down back when u cross up the guy then while still holding down back press then do a hadoken motion to back and press st.lp then input the super motion and double tap punch it aint that bad…

hmmm…gotta try that out…though a much easier thing to do instead is cross up mk,, st.jab xx rh up ball.

how i do cross-up into super is this (sorry if its confusing :slight_smile: ) :

  1. (crossup) (the minute yu jump start holding forward + down; this obviously becomes down + back when yu land on the other side)
  2. , s.lp (this link has to be done as SLOW as possible, but fast enough to obviously link)
  3. f , b , f , HP

just practice this (if yu can understand it hehe) for a few minutes and you should get the timing down eventually


Any other useful Combos with Blanka?

I was wondering are there any other useful combos with Blanka?

That is aside from c.lkx2 s.lp xx b,f.hp, which is the only one I know.

for crossup - s.lp ball
delay the timing from lp into ball to give extra charge time
also hit the crossup deeper. it give you a little longer to be crossed up. making more charge time on the opposite side
that combo is very easy
the delay from LP TO BALL is what most people arent doing right. its not about stretching out s.lp

the tricky part is delaying the ball just in time before the lp hit is done. but practice the timing and youll be a viscant in to time…

so fuck trying to delay - s.lp

here’s a pretty basic combo i do that no one else does for some reason

crossup, jab, elec with jab

mad stylish