Blanka CC's



i don’t know any for him. i need some easy ones to do.


That is why i don’t like him…TURTLE!!!


Re: …

my thoughts exactly…i mean, look at my name<<<<<<<<<:cool:


how does he build so much meter? do you have a link to those vids/where did you get them from?



one question, if u were to rushdown wit blanka, how would u do it in a-groove? my frend has a mean rushdown k-blanka. . . ppl i play against turtle alot more then me wen my a-blanka is out which resuts in a loss for meee!!! they rc better dan me too so dat too contributes to my loss


huh? This is only in the corner right? How can it be done midscreen?


Yo I discovered a new Blanka CC that can be done anywhere and does 6432 damage its awesome! Now he has a decent midscreen thanks to me :]. I thought i would put my video card to use so i made a vid of it. Enjoy!

Paste url in address bar:



not too shabby, and judging by the life bar it looks like it’s more than 6432 damage.

but here’s one that i always use midscreen. it makes the transition from the standing fierces into the jumping fierces much easier and is a ridiculously easy custom…

standing hp x 3, slide (df + fp), standing hp, lp blanka ball, standing lp, sj hp x 3, sj hp x 2/3, (corner), straight up sj hp x 5, kick super.

the blanka ball in there makes it very easy to do and does pretty good damage. i saw this CC in a japanese match vid and i tested it out and it’s just too easy.


That custom did a lot because it was a Ratio 2 Blanka vs a Ratio 1 Sagat. For ANY testing purposes, always have it Ratio 2 vs Ratio 2.

IMO, the only 2 customs you should know are the ones off of RC Electricity and an anti tripguard.

Popoblo, why even bother do the ball afterwards when you can just do the s.Jab right after s.Fierce? You mess it up, the ball hits, you ruin the whole combo.


it’s more or less a thing of personal preference to me. after i hit the initial standing hp x 3, slide, standing hp, i would usually either do a crouching lk and then super jump hp, or a standing jab (like you said), and super jump hp. but the timing is relatively strict on both of those, especially standing lp. and if you accidentally do the standing lp after the standing hp and it hits, then your custom is basically finished.

the reason i do it is because spacing is never a problem, as long as you can gauge your distance before your custom/hit all 5 hits before the ball. and it feels like i have more time to do it, which makes for less possibility for error, and more confidence in my ability to hit the CC.

and i think it looks cooler:D


I really have trouble with (whif jab ball, s. fierce) x n to corner. So my variation is after the whiffed jab ball, i juggle them up with a s. jab or s. strong, then go for sj. fierces to corner. my two cents really.

now if i could just roll cancel…


correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t that exactly what i just put in the CC i posted above?

and i hear ya on the roll cancelling, that’s why i try to play characters that don’t absolutely need it (i know blanka definitely isn’t one of them, but RC’s aren’t everything :D)


If the ball’s hitting, you’re not spaced far away enough.


I don’t think that’s possible. After one or two reps, you’ll be passing them up with the ball. You have to create space in between you and your opponent by doing either another s.fierce or a c.fierce before it (so it will look like c.fierce, s.fierce, whiff jab ball).


and it’s kinda pointless. the time that is being wasted whiffing the blanka balls is equaling less damage. in the CC that i posted, i only do it once for an easier transition to the jumping fierces.


Here’s my version of blankas juggle cc. The key is to hit fp twice which elevates the opponent and makes the whiff jab ball easier. When your at half screen its simply a standing mp into jumping fierces to super.

Vid below


Actually, it’s about the same damage for jumping CCs and whiff ball/hop CCs:

c.forward, s.fierce x2, d/f fierce, s.fierce, whiff s.jab, [sj.rh x2]x3, straight up j.fierce xN, ground shave = anywhere from 7200-7600 (about the same with j.fierces midscreen… it does less damage, but you get more in), depending on your mashing skills

c.forward, s.fierce x2, d/f fierce, [s.fierce x2, b-f+jab] x3, s.rh, ground shave does 7056. That’s a difference of around 6 pixels on the high side, and with no mashing.

The time spent whiffing a jab ball is roughly the time spent jumping and landing. Close s.fierce also does more damage than j.fierce or j.roundhouse. The difference is really seen when you get to the corner and you see how many j.fierces you can get. Some people like the jumping one (I like it myself), but some people like the rhythm/appearance of the whiff ball/hop one.

Certain situations call for different CCs (I hope my videos have shown people that). Blanka’s safe anti-air CC starts off with electricity canceled into s.roundhouse, whiff ball (this is more reliable than 4 hit electricity into jumping hits, in my experience). Activating off of electricity midscreen requires s.fierce, whiff ball. A guard crushing Blanka Ball can also be followed by activating when you land from the ball, doing d/f fierce, and then s.fierce, whiff ball.

In the end, you should do what feels most comfortable to you and whichever one you can do more consistently… but you should learn both.



d.MK, slide, whiff slide, HP electricity (4 hits), super jump HP’s corner

thats a little hard to do i think especially timing the electricity but it looks decent. I usually use electricity CC’s only in corners.


yea same here. but then again i’m pretty new to A-blanka, so i’ll probably go to more damaging/more difficult to perform customs later.


I think sj.RH does more than sj.Fierce when you’re carrying them to the corner, either 100 or 200 points different for damage, but it adds up in the end.