Blanka Combo and Match Videos



Feel free to post any Blanka videos on this thread. Since he is limited on combos, match videos with Blanka being in various situations are always good.


Here is a video I made for Blanka…



Nice video think I’m going to use him when I get the game.


these videos will be damn near a daily thing so if you like what you see make sure to subscribe!


you seem like a pretty good blanka player; my only tips are; in the corner, with your 3 count juggle, instead of doing 3 crouching forwards, you can do electricity when they are falling and you can keep them juggled with electricity and go into 2 crouching forwards into the upball. you have yourself 60 extra damage with electricity opposed to the forward, and in a big match, 60 damage can determine a win from a loss. Also; You should find a punish for blanka instead of the ABC launcher, blanka has a few meterless combos that do close to 300 damage that are mid screen. You have good pressure with him and you seem to know his tech well. The only thing I would say is use throws more often, but at the level you are playing against, they can’t even block as it is, so throwing isn’t a big priority. I saw you using crouching strong as an anti air a few times; you are better off using standing forward as you will either do the close forward or normal forward; the normal forward shoves your hurt box far away into the ground and puts your hitbox high in the air, perfect for an anti air, and plus, it has great recovery just in case it whiffs, it is also very useful when playing footsies believe it or not. If it happens to come out as a close forward, that is great because you get a double hit aerial move so you have 2 chances to hit them and if you trade hits and they come out on the better end; they can’t combo off of it since you were hit in an aerial state and recover in mid air. overall, some good blanka play.