Blanka combo help please

i have been trying to learn blanka i was wondering if anyone could share their preferred combos to use thanks in advance.

start learning how to do Jab cancel into electricity controlled and consistently… there’s other threads about it on how to piano or slide electricity… that should be your most basic and go to combo…

Blanka isn’t really a combo heavy character… he’s got harder and more damaging combos… but in comparison to other characters he’s more about footsie, ambiguous jump in and setups…


jab xx elec
cr.short xx elec
st.strong, st.jab xx elec
cr.forward, st.jab xx elec
cr.short, cr.short, st.jab xx ball/elec
cr.forward u1 st.strong u1
overhead u1
cr.short, cr.short, cr.short u1
overhead, cr.forward/cr.jab/st.jab xx ball

those are the important ones.

3 or 4 meter combos are essentially the same but you just add an ex ball fadc ______ or an mp ball xx lp super on the end.