Blanka combo help



Hi guys, I don’t know if there’s already a thread on this already, so I’m just going to make a post here. I’m having trouble with a certain bread and butter combo, j hk.>cr mk.>st lp.>hp horizontal ball. I can do j hk.>cr mk>st lp. just fine but I can’t seem to consistently canceling into the ball. I think my problem is that I am not releasing the charge for the ball at the right time. Do you move the stick to forward + hp for the ball before you hit st lp, at the same time that you hit st lp, or after you hit st lp? I look forward to any advice. Thanks.


practice it this way. can you do c.MK s.LP blanka ball? don’t do the j.HK just practice it that way.

and to release the charge there are two ways you can do it.

s.LP forward s.HP
s.LP forward back s.HP

both work. Also questions like this should go into the Q&A post.


No, I have the same problem when i just do cr. mk st. lp blanka ball. So, basically when you hit st. lp, you’re still holding back on the stick right? Anyway, thanks for the advice. Sorry about posting not posting this in the Q&A, I didn’t know.


You should be continuously holding back after you’ve jumped (obviously down back for the The ball should be done really soon after the jab. Just try doing jab into ball. See just how little time you need between them by doing it faster and faster until the ball doesn’t come out.