Blanka combos - ELEJB




Absolutely nothing new or difficult to perform seen here.

Move along…


I’m a pad player, perform this in a dualshock 3 (ps3) is the real thing


Good efforts for your video but as deaded by panda mentioned the combo video offers nothing new.

Might be extremely difficult to do on pad, however not recording your hand or giving explanation on how to perform easier for other pad users makes this not really that useful for them as well.

The fact that it’s in training mode and not done in an actual game also makes the video done before.

These combos are shown in other videos and perhaps those players were also pad players.

Regardless it’s been awhile since new videos are up, so I guess it’s good to see there’s still people making contents for Blanka.


I’d add that there was no need to open a new thread since there’s already an existing one for videos…


That video is also from Jan 10, 2013…


Just to extend this useless thread…

Blanka has combos?


level 2 focus,,,, u1

on blanka


Either way, unnecessary thread. There is already a combo and a video thread.
There’s no need to create one just for you.