Blanka cross over hop ultra?

How is blanka’s cross over hop ultra performed? also when an opponent is knocked down to perform the cross over ball into ultra it is :l::r::p::l::r::3p:?

Charge :l:, :r:+:3k:, :l:, :r:+:3p:

I think he means this


Still done the same way though. Shout out to zyphaz for the link.

Anybody ever “combo” into hop ultra? I mean do cr. MK or cr. LK into crossover hop into ultra. I’m not sure if it’s that great though. I feel like crossover hop ultra is pretty obvious.

Now ambiguous reset crossover hop ultra after a crumple might be more tricky… but I feel like if you crumple someone and you have charge for ultra might as well go for cr. MK > ultra.

It’s possible. I’ve already tried it, but the spacing has to be perfect. You have to be right outside c. lk range in order to do a jump in rh, c. mk, hop over, ultra. Even then, hop into ultra gives people time to either block, or hit you out of your ultra attempt if they mash jab/short at the right time, since you’re still in recovery frames for the hop cross over. Not a good option either way.

P.S. Try playing Blanka without using ultra unless you know its guaranteed and/or it will kill them. That’s my new game plan. What a piece of trash ultra. :\

QFT. If Ultra is a big part of your game, you need to refocus your strategy ASAP. Also, hop Ultra is one of those gimmicky elements that has very limited use. By all means, learn it, but don’t go out of your way to land it every match.