Blanka crossup shuts me down

blanka jumps in deep with a crossup to cr. p xx electricity and if block it jumps in deep again and crosses up then throws, but sometimes doesnt throw and does elec. again.

i cant get away from him and i cant stop blocking because its constant attack the second i start getting up when i try to tech the throw he doesnt throw and elec. me
or vice versa

how the shit do i get away from him it was that one stupid crossup over and over and i couldnt falling sky and i couldnt get anti air cause he’s behind me

have you tried s.hp? it hits someone trying to jump and cross you up

Like hfz69 said, try to stop that with a S.FP.

Are you not able to roll out of it?

If you can’t regular roll, and you have bar … Use an EX roll, and you should be out of there.

Plus, it seems like you’ve caught onto his pattern, so you shouldn’t be having too many problems.

A Blanka that plays keep away, and in melee range does cross-up slide/throw “cheese” shuts me down, but I just have trouble in melee range, but I know the counters…


  • Far range sweep
  • Cr.Light Kick
  • TT

Blanka Balls:

  • Medium Standing Punch on reaction
  • Ultra blocked straights

River Run:

  • sweep blocked River Run -> skyfall/roll cancel

There’s two easy things you can do, but they both require EX unfortunately.

The safe way is to bust out with an EX roll when he jumps in. You reset the situation but it doesn’t put you at an advantage.

The other thing you can do is block the crossup and do a reversal EX Tornado Throw. This option is much riskier for obvious reasons (he can jump and get a free combo) but if it works you get a good chunk of damage on him plus a knockdown.

Also, if he doesn’t time the crossup well you can just get out with a normal roll, but it has startup so you might get counter-hit.

If he’s at the right angle you can anti-air with a standing HP like these guys said.

I hope that helps.

If you dont feel like trying to AA the crossup or burning meter, dash under him.

EX TT is kind of an unsafe option as the blanka can just go for a throw and beat it out. I don’t think standing HP beats meaty jump-ins, so EX roll is probably your safest option.